Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Creative Writing Task 3 by Tan Ray Shyuan

     When I was a child, I well remember bringing a homeless, stray and dirty kitten back home. My mother, who hated cats, screamed with shock and anger. I had no choice but to leave the kitten behind. My mother then chided me and told me to go to bed! It was only three o'clock! I pleaded with her but to no avail.
     I dragged my feet inch by inch to my room, when I opened the door, my once seemingly bright and colourful room suddenly became dark and quiet. I dreadfully tugged myself to bed, trying everything I could to sleep but to no use. At last! I fell into a deep sleep.
      " Creak", the door opened. Being a light sleeper, I woke up and tried to peek to see who it was. It was my sister! She sat beside me, brushing her fingers through my hair. How comforting it was. minutes and minutes had gone by, my sister's hands stopped moving, she was asleep!
     The next day, I smiled at my sister like a Cheshire cat, thinking I how lucky I was to have such a caring sister.

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