Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Creative writing task 3 by lee dominic

  When I was a child, I well remember that I was not allowed to eat chocolate at night. However, that rule did not bother me. Every night, after everyone was asleep, I would silently creep into the kitchen and consume the chocolates one by one. One morning, my father noticed that the chocolates were disappearing. He then realised that it was me who ate the chocolate. He then took a cane, chasing me to my room. He then locked the door and made me reflect on my actions. I could not say anything lest I get hit.
  My room was small. Enough to fit my white desk, my bed and my shelf. Of course, there was a small window with a little light shining through. I slowly crawled onto my bed and soon, I was fast asleep.
  For what seemed like ages, I finally woke up, I felt like I just went through a roller coaster ride. Then, I noticed that it was pitch black, and I could not see a single thing. Then, I felt a pair of hands on my back. There was a dark figure beside me; I froze. It said"I did not mean to lock you in your room." the dark figure then covered my blanket over me and vanished into the darkness.
  the next morning, I found the door still locked. Who could that be? Was that a dream? I never figured out who that dark figure was.

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