Saturday, 27 February 2016

English Alternative Assessment corrections by Kinjal Agarwal (02)

Draft 6: English Alternative Assessment
Name: Kinjal Agarwal
Class: S1-03
Date: 2-2-2016

The UNIQUE Girl!

Jessica’s eyelids peeled open before sliding close again. She yawned and then went back to sleep. She rolled to the side while her hologram watch lit up the whole room. It made a loud and annoying ‘beeping’ alarm that irritated her so badly. Its volume increased by the second. By then, Jessica was getting mad of the buzzing. She stood on her toes before giving out another loud yawn.
Jessica wore her most elegant outfit for Orientation that day. Although she was looking fabulous, she folded her arms and frowned, telling herself that she looked hideous because of her dark skin colour.
As soon as Jessica reached school, she settled down at her desk immediately, trying not to waste any time. She went to her Smart table and read a message from her classmate, “Hey, morning Blacky. You should change your name to Jessica Black instead! Haha!”. Jessica ignored the message and clicked on the “DEL” button. Jessica tried to concentrate on Mr Brown’s lesson before another message from the same classmate appeared on her screen.
“Don’t blame yourself Jessica! Being DARK skinned was in your genes, which your parents could not control…Ha Ha Ha!”. Jessica punched her finger on the “DEL” button again. She was getting a bit frustrated. More came.
“Seriously, you might also be mistaken for COAL one day! Ha Ha Ha !”. Jessica furiously jabbed the “DEL” button. And now she was about to lost her temper as she could not bear it when people made fun of her skin colour.
That day after school, without turning back to go home. She then went to meet a surgeon, Mr Lee. She stormed into the surgeon’s clinic and demanded to look “Fairer” while she was fuming with anger and her blood was boiling. Mr Lee told her calmly that it would be possible through a holographic surgery called Fairesynthesis, which could beautify someone within minutes. However, it would cost her a fortune, which she would not be able to afford it.
“I will do anything to be FAIRER! I am ready to do anything to generate the money. Just make my skin fair !” Jessica roared. The surgeon told Jessica to take a deep breath and then reflect on what she said. Jessica was adamant about her decision.
“Would you sell your kidney to generate the money?” The surgeon questioned her curiously.
“YES! I WILL! I WILL!” Jessica replied confidently. She did not fear in doing anything. Then, Mr Lee explained to her slowly.
 “Jessica, you are not that dark after all. In fact, you are quite fair. You were from the previous generation when this invention was not completed yet. So you should be proud of it and not embarrassed. Your skin colour should be a symbol of the fact that you are the oldest girl from that generation! You are UNIQUE Jessica!”.
Jessica went home more confidently, with her sleeves up, not afraid to show her dark skin. Even in school, she was no longer afraid. After the conversation with the doctor, Jessica was no longer hesitant to show anyone who she was as she wanted to show everyone what the real Jessica was. Jessica also wanted people to like her for who she was.

(537 words)

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