Saturday, 27 February 2016

English Alternative Assessment corrections by Saffron Lim

Name: Saffron Lim (04)
Class: S1-03
Title: Faster Than Light (corrections)

   They heard light footsteps, followed by a heavier tread. A sonorous voice rang out, “ Miss Chara, we are here.” The staff of CERN*, the European Organization for Nuclear Research looked up from the four elliptical sweep of screens and panels. A herculean black man stood with his arms crossed.
      “Indeed, Mister Tyson,” said a timid voice. The staff turned to the voice and saw an elfin girl in school uniform. Two small black epaulets adorned her collar, a red ‘C’ on the left and a butterfly on the right.                    
     “Ongelooflike*!” murmured an Afrikaans accent, “ We have little particles and now little girls in CERN.”
    She looked like a Japanese child though the look in her eyes was older. 
“Who are you and what are you doing here? This is a high-security area that requires Level seven access,” snapped a woman.
    The girl swept her eyes around the space as if looking for a killer. She withdrew a rectangular object, smiling, “ Will this do, Dr. Sheehy?”
    Dr. Sheehy swallowed and looked at her colleagues. It was a Golden Ticket; a card encrypted to enter any office in CERN, NATO, the UN, IAEA* and the EU.
    “I am Chara from Contingencies. This is Mister Tyson, one of the Four Horsemen.” 
There was silence. This was a Contingencies agent with a Golden Ticket. And with one of the Four Horsemen. “Two days ago, a capsule appeared from nowhere on a French-built Mistral Warship in Marseille. Half of the six-meter capsule is still sticking out of the starboard hull.” 
    “I sense fear”, thought Chara. “Contingencies is interested. A beta version of the Hyperloop capsule rammed the vessel at light speed while the Alpha version is being still tested in California. The reduced pressure tube with pods driven by induction motors and compressors can theoretically achieve a maximum velocity of 1220 km/h.”
A spasm appeared on the South African’s cheek. He looked at Dr. Sheehy, who turned away. “There was a thin film of biological material coated inside the capsule. They were pulverised issue”.
     A few of the staff looked at Chara but what they saw was too frightening. Her kind was heard of but never seen – Monarch, the pin on her collar.
     “I can see your Tesla car remotes on the table tops and sense them in your pockets.” There was a general shuffling around at this. “ Tesla and Hyperloop – aren’t they the same company, Dr. Sheehy?”
    They were all on edge now, Chara bared her sharpened teeth, and they recoiled.
     “An organization had built a secret Hyperloop tube around the circumference of the Large Hadron Collider within an undeclared service tunnel. The passenger testing has been conducted with live subjects, probably refugees. Somehow the protons accelerated by the four boosters entered the Hyperloop. Hence, an FTL object was created accidentally or deliberately.”
“Hyperloop was never going to be a transport system. It was a railgun that could drive a capsule or a warhead to exceed c.”

     I am Chara; I am a Contingencies Agent.

     “We can’t change the history or causality created. We will continue this project you’ve started. We thank you.“

I close chapters to hide our futures and my past.

“Mister Tyson, they’re all yours.”    

His black suit heaved, split and a ball of white light filled the entire space.

*CERN: Organisation Européenne pour la Recherche Nucléaire (French)                            European Organization for Nuclear Research (English)
* Ongelooflijke ( Afrikaans ): Incredible 

* IAEA: International Atomic Energy Agency 

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