Sunday, 28 February 2016

Ethan Ng (20) Alternative Assessment (corrections)

Final Draft Corrections: English Alternative Assessment
Name: Ethan Ng (20)
Class: S1-03
Date: 28-2-2016

KP20-Insect mutation virus

“A bit of this… and a bit of that and finally! I am finally done with my creation! After years of hard work, I can finally take my revenge on Earth! This virus, once I release it, every insect, far and wide, will destroy everything in their path! Hahaha!” exclaimed the Professor.
The devious professor released the virus into the air and cackled to himself.
         The insects in contact with the virus started mutating. Tiny, innocent little bugs turned into hideous monsters. Stronger and smarter, they made their way to their first innocent animal which crushed under the menace of the insects. A cold, malevolent glare was in their eyes.
        Benny was a young boy who lived in the middle of a humid and stuffy desert with the professor’s laboratory in sight. He and his family saw the mutated insects and the killings. They instinctively knew they were going to be next, sooner or later. He told his parents, “I’ll get help from that building over there!”
         Without waiting for an answer, he took off as fast as his legs could take him. He knew he needed help. He hid behind some debris which the insects had destroyed, hoping that he would not get discovered. Benny’s heart pounded, and he felt like his heart was at his mouth. Then, he took a deep breath, made a dash for the door and was now inside the laboratory in the building.  
         The laboratory was dark, and it emitted an ominous feeling. Benny discovered some activity going on in a particular room. Peeking inside, he saw the professor watching the television. The newscaster reported, “A weird mutation has occurred! Insects are turning into monsters! It's genocide!”
        A loud cackle from the professor ensued, “Hahaha! Yes! I’ve succeeded!”
        Benny realised the professor’s evil plan and thought: You will pay. Your plan is going to fail!
         Without wasting any more time, the intrepid boy looked around and found a specimen of the virus and the antidote. A description of the virus stated: Targeted at insects. Humans will get killed if they come into any physical contact with it. The antidote had a handwritten label that read ‘To stop the virus, a human needs to get to the swarm and ingest this antidote there. The antidote will react with the human body, causing it to explode and release chemicals that will kill the mutated insects.’
         Benny gulped. He was in a dilemma as he did not want to die. However, for the sake of his beloved family, he had no choice but to sacrifice himself. He grabbed the antidote and ran out. From the distance, he saw the swarm of insects and rushed towards them. When he got into the middle of the swarm, he drank the antidote. A tremendous amount of energy and chemical scattered. The boy, sadly, exploded too.
         In a minute, all the insects were dead. His family was safe. His parents were aggrieved, but deep down they knew that Benny would be happy that everyone else was safe.

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