Monday, 22 February 2016

Creative writing task 3 by Keith Tan

    When I was a child, I well remember, after finishing a drink, I was holding the cup in a weird way, and suddenly, dropped it! My father, being the only one there, quickly rushed to my side and, after settling the broken cup, sent me to bed. I immediately pleaded with him and ran around the house, but ultimately went to my room.
    My room, coated with light blue, did not look as bright even with sunlight entering, as I shuffled as slowly as possible to the toilet and back to my room, and repeating the process as many times as possible, however, still fell asleep.
    A couple of hours passed as I finally woke up, looking around the dimly-lit room, when I heard the unmistaken voice of my father, what he said though was unclear to me.
    The next morning, I tried my very hardest to dig up my memories and amplify the voice, but to no avail.

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