Monday, 1 February 2016

Creative Writing Task 1 & 2

                                                              Creative Writing Task 1
               One of my earliest memories of my childhood is my mother. She was a plump and cheerful lady, cracking jokes all the time. Her skin was tanned, and her hair was of the darkest brown colour you have seen. As she walked, her bushy hair would bounce up and down like a squirrel's tail. I remember her constant nagging at me for not doing my homework. What I remember most fondly, is sleeping on her lap, while she lulled me to sleep, and also when she fed me with her hands, with her dark, calm eyes lovingly looking at me, accompanied by her soothing talks.
                My favourite place used to be the park near my house. I would go there every evening to play in the playground while my parents strolled in the park. There were slides, swings, rope ladders and many other things in the playground. Other children were also there, playing with each other as we bonded as friends. There would always be constant chattering and occasional giggles from the little children playing.
                I used to live in a HDB flat. I fondly remember the kitchen which stood after a hall past the main gate. As I entered the kitchen, The warm aroma of my mother's homemade lunch wafted by. I breathed in deeply and tried to guess what was on the menu. I also remember the living hall which would always be occupied by my brothers who chattered and giggled humorously as they played and the television which would constantly be switched on by my father who would watch the news.
                These are my fondly remembered memories...

                                                             Creative Writing Task 2
                The street lay before Mary, as she walked back home after tuition. The sky grew dark as she walked forward. Flickering lamp posts stood at a distance not exactly fulfilling their purpose. Shadows of leafless trees lurched in front of her. A timid mouse scurried across the path making her jump back. "This is just a movie setting like the ones I have seen," Mary told herself. 
                 Over, her shoulder, she thought she heard a faint flutter. She turned around to confront it, but it had vanished. Hesitantly, she continued walking on. She heard faint constant footsteps behind her. It stopped for a while. "Oh my! Was that a g.. ghost?" She thought to herself. A shiver ran down her spine. She quickened her pace. 
                  The footsteps seemed louder and louder. This time, it was continuous. The footsteps seemed closer to her. She turned around. The footsteps stopped. Mary ran, she did not know where. The footsteps followed her. She did not stop. At last, she came to her house and burst through the door. 
                  Oh, how she wished that she had listened to her mother who told her: Never go walking alone at night.

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