Monday, 30 May 2016

Independent Learning Log #3 by Valerie

Independent Learning Log #3

What I did
I went to Asia news and wanted to research on murder cases. I searched under Singapore section to find an article which summarized the famous CNU related cases. Even though no murder was involved, I still found the content of the article very interesting, hence chose this article.

What I learned

Tensions-mental or emotional strain.
barricaded subjects-Any individual who is reasonably believed to be a threat to commit serious bodily injury or death to hostages, 
Simulation-the action of various agents or forms of energy (stimuli) on receptors that generate impulses that travel through nerves to the brain (afferents).
Innate-inborn; natural.

In summary, the article began with a case where a man locked himself inside a room armed with a knife, and threatened to jump out of his nine storeys flat. The Crisis Negotiation Unit was in charge of this case, and the CNU is made up of officers trained to handle cases involving hostages, barricaded subjects, and suicide cases. According to the CNU officers, they have to stay on their toes for every investigation as every negotiation is different. Hence, they have to be alert and on standby around the clock. This amount of hard work requires officers to have served a minimum number of years accumulated on the police to apply to the CNU. They not only must have served a minimum number of years, but they have to undergo various tests, psychological screenings and simulation exercises. An example of one of the cases is an elderly woman that was trapped with her chopper-wielding son in an HDB flat. The CNU finally ended the negotiation by barging into the flat and arrested the man. This is only one of the many examples the CNU carries out.

Saturday, 28 May 2016

Independent learning log #2 By Valerie

Independent learning log #2

What I did:
I went to the lifestyle section of the Straits time and happened to chance upon an article regarding latte art. I have a great liking for craft and art, hence this article caught my eye. It was very interesting to find out how the many skilled baristas are able to ‘draw’ on coffee

What I learned:

Words I did not understand:
Latte- A coffee drink made with espresso and steamed milk
Etching-a print produced by the process of etching.

Basically, the article is about various baristas and latte artists who won various awards for their outstanding latte art. Most of them have been baristas for about five years and have gained a lot of experience to become professional latte artists. The latte artist that caught my attention is Mr. Eugene Lim from MavRx Coffee Apothecary. This is because he creates his designs depending on the weather. For example, on a rainy day, Mr. Kim will draw a teddy bear holding an umbrella and on a sunny day, he will draw a teddy bear with sunglasses. On Fridays, he will draw the teddy bears holding banners that say ‘TGIF’ and draw various characters based on the special occasions such as Christmas.To me, this idea is very creative, and I find the teddy bears he draw really cute, yet very challenging and difficult to draw. This also allows the customers to relate to the weather or special occasion, making the customer feel that the coffee is very personalized, and brightens up their day. In conclusion, I admire these baristas a lot as they are very talented, and it requires a lot of skills to master the art of latte art. Even though their jobs may seem simple, they put a lot of effort into to prepare 1 cup of coffee which I find very admirable.

Friday, 27 May 2016

Independent Learning Log #1 By Valerie Tan

Independent Learning Log #1

Date: 28 May 2016

What I did:
I went to the National Geographic website to find an article and happened to see a article that caught my attention. I am generally interested in World War 2 and its effect on the world and this article is talking about the effects of the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima.

What I learnt:
I learnt that the atomic bomb has very dertremental effects in Hiroshima and has killed thousand of people.

The people who were affected by the atomic bomb that was dropped on Hiroshima did not want an apology from the President of United States, Mr Barack Obama. The bomb was released to hasten the the end of World War 2, hence the leaders had to make a hard desicion to drop a atomic bomb on Hiroshima. The people who survived have suffered many long-term effects, even until this day. Despite Japan and USA coming to peace, some people think that President Obama has not done enough to make up for the damage caused. Yet, some people think that the fact that President Obama made a trip down to Hiroshima has given an example to the world of how we should behave, and they should improve relationships to eliminate nuclear weapons entirely.

Sunday, 1 May 2016

Ian Izree S1-03 email writing draft 2

Dear Bob

I am glad to hear your family, and you are coming to Singapore for the holidays. I also heard that you are interested in learning about Singapore's cultural and modern aspects and sample some local dishes. Let me be your guide and take you around.

We can meet at 10 am in the hotel's lobby. First, we can go to little India, the most colourful districts in Singapore. We can see gaily painted shophouses selling traditional Indian apparel, gold bangles, spices and other wares. While the sun is up high, we can chill at the 24-hour shopping centre, Mustafa Centre, one of the few 24-hour shopping malls in Singapore. For lunch, we can eat fish head curry, a uniquely Singaporean dish.

We can then head to Chinatown and visit beautifully restored shophouses. Since you mention wanting to know of Singapore's culture, we can ride a trishaw around the vicinity and learn about its culture and history. We can bargain at its market for souvenirs.

For dinner, we can eat chilli crab, a unique local dish that cannot be found anywhere else. After that, we can visit the Merlion Park, a very modern place in Singapore. As the night ages, we can take a ride on the Singapore Flyer and enjoy a beautiful night view before heading back.

I hope to be hosting you soon. You will be guaranteed a great stay in Singapore.

Best regards

Email Writing Draft 2 by Ethan (20)

2 Clementi Road

Singapore 328739

23 February 2016

Dear Ben
I am so excited that you and your parents are coming to Singapore! I wished that you could stay longer as planned. Nevertheless, let us enjoy your brief visit to Singapore for the few days that you are here! I will take you and your family to some fantastic places around Singapore!

Firstly, I recommend you to go Chinatown. Most of the Chinatown is made up of beautifully restored shophouses, but there are colonial and modern buildings there too! You can take a trishaw ride around the vicinity, or visit religious landmarks of different faiths! Thus, Chinatown is a must-go!

Secondly, another place, rich in cultural history, is Little India. It is one of the most colourful districts in Singapore! You can visit gaily painted shophouses and try a local dish; fish head curry for lunch! It is appetising, so make sure not to miss this dish out!

Besides traditional places, there is also the commonly-seen side of Singapore. What better way to enjoy it than to ride on the Singapore Flyer and have a panoramic and bird’s-eye view of the entire city! Amazing right? Besides the Singapore Flyer, there is also another place worth seeing, and that is the Esplanade! The Esplanade is a place full of performing arts, and it is one of the most distinctive attractions as the Esplanade is one of a kind, built with the shape of a durian! It sounds interesting, doesn't it?

Singapore is also well known for being a food lover’s paradise. It would be sad to miss out on local dishes. For dinner, we could have a scrumptious meal of Nasi lemak and chilli crab. These gloriously delicious food are unique local food. Hence, it is a must-have! You would not believe how much you would be missing out on Singapore if you do not taste Singapore’s local food!

Well, I hope the recommendations sound fantastic to all of you family, Ben. I can’t wait for your family’s arrival! See you in a week’s time!

See you soon