Monday, 28 March 2016

Level Test 1 Corrections by Chris (9)

Level Test 1 Corrections

    Everytime I look at the red velvet handkerchief on my table, I grin. The handkerchief has a significant meaning for me as it always made me forever grateful for that someone.
    "Beep! Beep!" the old rusty alarm clock rung. As I slowly opened my eyes, my world started to fill with bright light. Vision still blurry, I picked up and the alarm clock and read," 7.50am". In the instance, I jumped out of the bed and ran to grab my school uniform. I hastily undressed and buttoned my newly ironed school uniform.
    I sprinted to the living room to grab my bag and wore my worn out shoes. As I tied my shoe laces, I came to realise that my once white shoes now had dirt and some traces of mud all over it. "I got to hurry before I become late for my examinations," I thought to myself.
    Distressed, I sprinted all the way to my school. Neither did I once stop for a breather nor turned to look back. I knew that time was ticking away each second; my future was at stake.
    Once I had reached the school, I scanned the area and found nobody was here. "Strange," I thought. My whole body was drench. My hair was wet and all flat, my skin felt slippery. It was as if I was bathed in my perspiration.
    As I continued my way to the hall, my vision started to grow weaker. My head felt heavy, and I walked slower. "What's happening?" I asked myself. Suddenly, I felt a sharp pain in my stomach as if something had pierced through me. Soon, I was gasping for air. The world around became distorted; my vision went blank. I heard someone calling out to me just before I fainted. I wanted to turn back to look, but it was too late. Everything went black, just like the clouds on a rainy day.
    I opened my eyes to see a white ceiling to greeting me. I looked around and saw a sign saying," Sick Bay". At this moment, a staff member came in. He asked me whether I was feeling better and told me that he had already contacted my family members. A faint smile appeared across my face.
    "Thank you so much for helping me, I'm forever grateful," I told the staff member. He laughed and said to me,"  It wasn't me who brought you here, it was a young gentleman who carried you here when he found you lying on the ground, unconscious."
    I started to question the staff member about this mysterious man. The staff member could only describe to me how he looked like and passed me a red velvet handkerchief. "This handkerchief belonged to the man who helped you. If you ever were to find him, you should return this to him," the staff member told me. I nodded and once again thanked the staff member before I left. Although feeling a little better, I decided to go home to take a rest.
    Till this day, I am still as grateful as back then for that someone who had helped me. The willingness of a stranger wanting to help someone who he or she does not know is truly remarkable. If the society we live in today could be like this, the world would be a much better place to live in.

English Level Test corrections by Saffron Lim

English Level Test 1
Saffron Lim (04)

When I was in Primary School, I did well in Mathematics, English and Science. However, it was my Chinese that was the problem. I would rarely pass my Chinese and would often fail. This caused my parents extreme worry as they were fearful that my Chinese would pull my overall grade down in my Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE). They decided to hire a Chinese tutor to push my grade up.
    Every Monday and Wednesday, Madam Li would come to my house, and we would sit at the table on the front porch. Sometimes, my eyes would drift away from the multiple assessment books laid out in front of me, and I would watch the late afternoon sunlight stream through the gaps in the leaves of a nearby tree. Whenever this happened, Madam Li would call my name sharply, yanking be back to the present.
    With the PSLE Chinese paper drawing closer day by day, Madam Li became stricter and gave me more and more homework. I started to cave in the under pressure of my Chinese paper being three months away, and  I was still unprepared. Seeing me struggle, she decreased the amount of assessment papers and decided to make sure I knew all the proper vocabulary in order to pass.
    As the days flew by at the speed of light, my Chinese started to improve bit by bit. My vocabulary and my understanding of the language started to get better, and I was able to write even more interesting compositions.
    However, after I sat for my preliminary examination and received my results, I was extremely disheartened at the marks I got. even though the paper was hard, I expected to do better than a B-. When Madame Lee looked at my marks I could see the disappointment written all over her face even though she tried to mask it. With a concerned look, she explained all m y errors and told me where there were areas for improvement.
   Heeding to her advice, I started to work even harder. Finally, the day of the PSLE Chinese paper arrived. As I sat at my desk I could feel my heart beating in my chest, and I became nauseous with anxiety. Forcing myself to calm down, I started to complete my paper. Surprisingly, I felt that the paper was rather easy compared to my Preliminary Examination. When the time was up, I breathed a sigh of relief, having completed the paper. Now, all that was left was to wait for my results in November.
    On the day that I collected my results and I glanced at my grade, I could not believe it! An A for Chinese! I was jumping up and down, and I felt as happy as a lark. I immediately called Madam Li to tell her the amazing news. As I talked to her on the phone, I could hear the pride in her voice.
    Thanks to Madam Li's help and hard work, I was able to score an A for Chinese. I would not have been able to do it without her! I am extremely grateful for all that she has done for me and I hope that I would do as well in all my school's tests.

Level Test 1 by Max

The setting sun lit the sky in an orange hue, and the faint shape of the moon and stars could be seen. I was on my way back home after a long tiring day in school. I was standing on the station platform, wafting from the restaurants below the station, made my mouth water, as I had not eaten dinner. The sound of the train going along the tracks could be heard. Then, the train thundered into the station. The people around me stood at the side of the train doors, just before the doors opened. I did not have time to follow, and when the train doors opened, a horde of people crashed onto the station platform, pushing me towards the back of the platform. By some miracle, I managed to squeeze aboard the train, which smelt like a pungent mixture of perfumes and body odour.
         As the train sped off to the next station, we were packed like sardines inside the train. From the corner of my eye, I spotted a black leather suitcase, sitting in the middle of the train car, not far from where I was standing. It was seemingly unattended, and the people around me took no notice of it. Curious, I inched toward it. Amidst the peak hour crowd, I managed to squeeze my way through and got me to where the suitcase was. I knelt slightly, allowing my hands to grip the handle. It felt as cold as ice; I knelt further, and now my arms could reach it. "Hmm... I wonder what's inside it?" I thought to myself. Assuming that the suitcase was left behind, I tried opening it, to no avail. I realised that it had a tight latch on it. I planned to take it to the stationmaster once the train reached the next station. I picked it up gently. Suddenly I heard someone yell " Hey! You!".
         I turned and saw a large middle-aged man standing before me."What were you doing with my suitcase?" he asked sternly "I...I..." I tried tp speak, but no words came out of my gaping mouth. "You're coming with me to the stationmaster, thief," he said. I was stricken with fear, and my palms turned sweaty. When the train pulled into the station, the man pulled me by the collar and dragged me to the station office which was packed full of people. He told the stationmaster that I was trying to steal his bag. My heart was racing, " I did not steal! I did not steal!" Those four words ran through the back of my head. After ranting to the stationmaster, the stationmaster turned towards me and said: " Is this true?" "No, no, no it's not." I cried, tears streaming down my cheeks. "I thought it was left behind, so I picked it up to return it to the station office." I then went into detail about how I found the bag, and that I should not have tried to see what was inside it. After hearing me out, the stationmaster allowed me to leave but, he told me never to try to open an unattended item onboard a train. He also told me to return whatever lost items to the nearest station office. When the large man found out I was free to go, he looked at me angrily. He turned around and talked with the stationmaster. I quickly ran off back to the platform.

         After that incident, I always learned to look around my surroundings before attempting to do something. This incident would have a special place in my heart, and I will never forget the incident, it would be etched in my mind forever. Curiosity killed the cat in this situation

Sunday, 27 March 2016

English Level Test Corrections by Ethan (20)

English Language Level Test 1 corrections by Ethan (20)

       The town was waking up. The moon had crept away while the sun shone its way into its presence. The park was strangely empty, much more deserted than expected. From a distance, I saw many trees, some senior folks doing morning exercise and some joggers and cyclists as well. I glanced around, looking for something to entertain my friend and me. We had played in every single ride, and it was getting boring there. We wanted something more fun and exciting.
       After what seemed like an eternity, my friend found something that caught both of our eyes. It was a birds nest! Instinctively, a light bulb shone in my head. I immediately thought of getting the nest down to take a look. Wasting no time, we raced to the big birch tree with our target in sight.
        As soon as we reached the tree, we looked up, and as we predicted, the nest was far from our grasp. My quick-minded friend suggested that I carried him, and he would use a stick to poke the nest down. We quickly went into action. With a heave and some difficulty, I lifted my friend, and he prodded the nest down.
        Just as we were going to peek inside the nest, we heard a bird screech in distance. Another bird, presumably the mother of the chicks and was going to attack us. My friend and I tried to flee but to no avail. We were jabbed and poked from all directions. Suddenly we just burst out and ran. We knew not where, but all we wanted was to run from that maniac bird. After five straight minutes of pursuit and running like headless chickens, we managed to outrun the bird. We walked home with lots of cuts, bruises, and a blob of bird poo on my shirt.
        My mother, knowing what happened, treated my wounds and warned me never to do such a brazen act again. Much as we were curious, we should not go to the extent of risking ourselves like that to fulfil our curiosity. Looking back, I thought that was the most stupid act I had ever done. Now I finally understood what it means when “curiosity killed the cat.” Next time, I would think through before proceeding to do anything.

Friday, 25 March 2016

English level test 1 corrections by Tan Ray Shyuan

                "Good job, Joanne, you're the top scorer for English!" Mdm Wong said in front of class. I saw the envy looks of my classmates as I walked towards Madam Wong to get a prize. Flashbacks of how hard it took to receive this award appeared in my mind......
       " Argh! Is it English period now?" I grumbled, feeling annoyed as Mdm Wong, my English teacher was strict and could never tolerate loud noises." Class stand!" Madam Wong bellowed. Everyone quickened their pace and sat in their seats, including me. Madam Wong's thick eyebrows and bushy hair made her appearance more menacing. After greeting her Madam Wong, she started giving out the class test papers we had done the previous week. Slowly one by one, Madam Wong called our names.
       " Joanne!" Madam Wong called my name. Like a cat on hot bricks, I went up to her. Out of the blue, she started to yell at me," Not only is your handwriting notorious, but you also scored the lowest for this test in 6A!" From that day onwards, my hatred for her was more than ever.
       Many weeks have passed, it was finally the end of year examination! Oh, how I wished I had studied for it, That day, I went to school with a blank mind, waiting to do the paper.
    Your time starts now!" Our invigilator announced. "Piece of cake." I thought. However, I was gravely mistaken. As I flipped open the first page, my mind was blank. I thought as hard as I could but to no avail. Regrets hit me like a tidal wave as I Wished I could go back time to study for my examinations.
     "Ding...Dong.." the bell rang, everyone put down their pens and smiled, seemingly satisfied. However, on the other hand, I had struggled to finish the paper.  After the paper, students were allowed to go home. Thus, I went back, thinking of the dire examination.
     The next day when I went to school, stood Madam Wong outside the classroom. I quickly scurried to class, hoping that she would not see me. " Joanne." Madam Wong called. I stopped my footsteps and turned around unwillingly. " Joanne, could you meet me after school today?" Madam Wong said to me in a shockingly gentle voice. I nodded my head in acknowledgement and walked to the classroom.
      The school had just ended; I hurried to the Staff Room where I saw Madam Wong. She greeted me with a smile as I sat beside her. Patiently and slowly, Mdm Wong tutored me, helping me understand each and every question of the examination paper. At that time, I felt guilty, for thinking that Madam Wong had been picking on me.
      " Joanne! Wake up!" My best friend Jia Hui shouted at me. I snapped out of my daydream and started packing my bag. On the way home, I felt grateful to Madam Wong, helping me achieve what I have today.

Thursday, 24 March 2016

Level test one corrections Sarah

    " It's a beautiful day today! Birds are singing, flowers are blooming. On days like these, kids like you should definitely be out and about." Mother sang out joyfully to the park. We had been cooped up at home for so long, and we were both sick of it. Mother sat down and enjoyed the lush greenery that had been splashed with sunlight as I pranced around the purple flowers that sprang up from the ground each year.
    "Rustle... Rustle...Rustle" the bushes whispered. "Strange," I thought. There had not been any wind at all that day. "Ignore it. Just ignore it. It could get you in as much trouble as that day." you remembered the time you had landed in the hospital for being nosy. The memories make you shudder.
    "Although, it is unusual to find a bush rustling without reason..." I murmured softly. I had to investigate. Yet, I could not be so naive. Whatever it was behind, it could hurt me. I did not want to take that chance again.
    "however, imagine the riches and fame you could lose if you ignored it!" a brief thought passed through. It could be a mystical creature or an answer to life's problems. What good would ignoring it do?
    The strong debate in my mind was settling. Time to decide.
    I ran over, no second thoughts, and pushed aside the raggedy twigs. With its secrets exposed in the great sunlight, I found a... a litter of small kittens?! this definitely was intriguing but honestly not what I was expecting. Where were my mysterious new species? Where was my wealth and fame? I thought, finding myself picking up one of the cute furballs.
    I, however, had little time to ponder over these questions as the mother cat sprang out heroically to supposedly save her kittens from the impending threat. She jumped up, a grey blur, too fast to see. My fave met with a sharp shiny tip. I felt pain. Too much pain. It slashed my every attempt to stay conscious.

    I woke in the hospital, with a familiar face wrinkled with worry for a greeting.    "Oh no, not again" I whispered, in a voice weak and small. My mother leaned in and gave me a kiss. "never do anything like this again. You hear me?" she said with a silent fury that also sounded motherly at the same time. I finally learnt my lesson. Curiosity killed the cat.

Wednesday, 23 March 2016

EL Level Test 1 corrections Josiah Choo (16)

    It was early one morning, The sun yet to rise above the high canopy of trees that surrounded the city. Having a few more hours before school started, I went for a walk in the nearby garden to relax.

    The sun continued to rise as I strolled through the park. Flowers that formed a sea of colours would sway in the wind as I walked past, with the birds chirping on the treetops. As I went on to walk the streets, warm rays of sunlight pierced the clouds and shed light on the city.

    Just as I was about to return home, I noticed something at the back of my eye. A luminous blue light emitted from an alleyway. This blue light piqued my curiosity. I cautiously walked into the alleyway. Once I entered the alley, I found a blue flame burning ever so bright. The flame never seemed to falter in the strong winds. As I stared longer at it, the blue light seemed to warm my heart. I inched slowly closer, trying to feel the warmth. It was as if I could not control myself; I stuck my hand into the fire.

    I let out a scream as the fire seared my skin and pain engulfed my body. The pain was unbearable as I stumbled onto the floor. As soon as I got up, I rushed to the hospital. Upon reaching, I was brought immediately to the doctor to be treated. After the doctor had bandaged up my wound, I realised what had happened and I regretted being too curious. From then on, I learnt to be smarter and think before I acted.

Ryan Li (19) S1-03 Level Test 1

Our stomachs growled as we made our way to the new shopping mall. Through the windows, we could see eateries advertising their delicious food. This only served to remind our stomachs of the food they were promised and thus groaned in protest. My friends and I were at the new shopping mall to seek out some delicious food for our bodies after a grueling day at school. As we stepped inside, the cold air and the aroma of food hit us like a welcoming party. That day, the mall was packed with visitors, so most of the restaurants were full. As we loved Japanese food, we went straight towards the nearest Japanese food restaurant that was not packed with people. On the way, a beggar about the same age as us threw himself at my feet, begging for any money we had spare him. Disgusted at this unkempt sight, we turned up our noses in unison and walked on.
Once at the restaurant, we ordered whatever that we could fit into our stomachs. When the food arrived, we dived into it like a pack of hungry wolves, only stopping to breathe for a few seconds. We ate and ate until we could eat no more. Being in a good mood after that excellent meal, I offered to pay. But as soon as the waiter came with the bill, I discovered something was wrong. I put my hands in my pocket as an ice-cold wave of fear struck me. “Oh, no!”I exclaimed. “My wallet is not here!” Panic overtook me as I dashed out of the restaurant, ignoring the suspicious glances that the people outside were giving me. I ran to and fro, like a rat seeking shelter, my eyes scanning the floor and the tables for my wallet. “Thank god my wallet is light blue, so it cannot be hard to miss,” I muttered to myself.
Just then, a thought struck me. “What if someone stole it?” The thought hit me like a lightning bolt. “If someone did, then they could use the money inside it for themselves or use my bus pass as a fake ID!” Fear grabbed my heart in its iron claws as panic filled my veins. Adrenaline shot through me as I ran with renewed energy to find my wallet. After what seemed like hours of searching, I gave up, too tired to continue. Helpless, I stared at the ground, willing tears not to come. I trudged back to the restaurant where my friends were. Then at a time when there was no hope, a “hero” had come to help me. The beggar that I had seen earlier walked up to me and thrust his hand out. Inside his hand, was a light blue object. “My wallet!” I exclaimed. I thanked the beggar profusely. Then, I asked, “What is your name?” “Nathan.” He replied. “Nathan, what can I do to repay you?” “ I do not need you to do that, like my parents always said, ‘it is not a good deed unless you do it without a reward in mind.’” “ Your parents are very, very wise, here, a token of my appreciation,” With that, I took out four fifty-dollar notes and gave it to the beggar. He thanked me and said, “ I will use this wisely.” “ Before you do that, let me introduce you to my friends,” I said, guiding him to where my friends were waiting.
That day one year ago, I felt thankful to Nathan for finding my wallet and teaching me how to do truly a good deed and how to be kind to others even without getting kindness in return. “ Now, those are things to be thankful for. Thank you, Nathan!” I thought to myself as I recount that incident.

level test 1 corrections josh teo

I grunted as I lugged my heavy bags behind me.
My family and I had just finished shopping, and I was the one responsible for carrying the bags home. We walked through the busy street of Orchard Road, trying to find a taxi.

   Finally, we were at the Taxi stand. Everyone was packed like sardines, rushing home to get back and celebrate the marvellous holiday. One by one, people got into cabs and sped off. Finally, our turn arrived. A small London cab moved towards us. My father opened the doors and got into the cab.

   The cab was extremely spacious than it looked from the outside. I sighed a sigh of relief as I put the shopping bags beside me. Suddenly, we heard an extremely warm and cheerful voice. It was the cab driver. He looked old, in his fifties, but smile looked like it could brighten the earth. After my father had given directions, the cab sped off. I took off my EZ-link card, which was in my wallet, strapped to a lanyard strap. As soon as I knew, I nodded off into a deep sleep. The next moment, my father woke me up. I blinked warily as my family got out of the cab with their respective bags. The cab driver smiled and rejected as my father passed him the money. He smiled and said, ”Merry Christmas!”.

   Once we were safe back home, I reached for my EZ-link card on my neck when I realised; it was nowhere to be found! I looked in every one of the six plastic bags, but my attempt was futile. I suddenly recalled taking off my EZ-link card in the taxi. Immediately, I told my mother and she was about to call the police when we heard the phone rang. The voice on the other side warmly stated that he found an EZ-link card and there was a slip at the back with a telephone number. Not sure whether to believe him, I walked downstairs, where he told me he would pass it to me.

   I could not believe my eyes. It was the cab driver! Smiling sheepishly, I thanked him profusely. Ever since that day, I hoped that I would meet him to thank him again. It was a Christmas miracle. I thanked my lucky stars as I ran back home, showing the card to my mother. My mother then sent an email to the taxi company, thanking them.

   Thus, this incident was the one that I felt most thankful for someone’s help.

Level Test 1 essay corrections by Lucas(23)

It was a stormy night, rain pouring down from the deep, grey clouds. I could remember it clearly. The streets, the rain, all etched forlornly in my mind. With each step, I took the plastic soles of my shoes squeaked as if they were mice. Darkness filled the streets. It was like a billowing storm which engulfed the houses. The dim street lamps shone with all their might before dying off with their last breath.

The street became entirely black. The entire world was nothing, but just darkness for me. I was once a man, a man who was full of pride. After inheriting my father’s fortune, I opened my business. I thought I could get rich and bring fame and fortune to myself. However, within a few months, the company had closed. Due to my negligence and my incompetence of not taking good care of my business after I started drinking alcohol. The thought of getting a successful career had vanished into thin air. Moreover, I had spent every single cent on alcohol.  Company destroyed, and having spent every single cent has led to me to today. I sought to find a better life on the streets. Regret crept over me till this very day.

    As I wandered through the streets, I saw a garbage bin. Desperate, as my stomach was growling, I dug up the piles of trash in search of food. “I must survive! I have to!” I told myself, as tears trickled down my cheeks. These were the tears of agony, sadness and despair. It was all my fault! I had done all these! I could only blame myself! I should not have drunk! It was a grave mistake. I was the cause of my misery and self-torture. As more thoughts of sorrow rushed through my mind, my eyes shed a piteous tear as raindrops pitter-pattered furiously from the sky. It was raining even more heavily. My mind was filled with a stir up of emotions, rage, fear, depression and sadness.

    My tears of sorrow had been heard, by a woman. This kind soul, in a white coated raincoat and was carrying a torchlight. The woman then spotted me. She worriedly approached me. She saw me crying, bursting into tears. She asked me in an angelic voice if I would need her assistance and help. She also asked me if I would like to stay at her house for the meantime. I nodded my head repeatedly up and down. It was almost a second chance. God had given me a second chance and a new hope. It was almost as if he had sent an angel to help me find a new life of glory.

    That day, I settled in the woman's house. It was a small, cosy house, with warmth and heat coming out of the fireplace. It was the first time I felt warmth, care and concern after so long of wandering aimlessly. The carpet was red and furry. There was a kitten in the balcony which was incredibly adorable. The woman then led me into my new room, it was a single bed with pinkish tiles and a light yellow wall. Even though  it was not the best, it was still a luxury for me to sleep on a cosy bed. That night was the best night sleep for me.

    On the next day, golden streaks of sunshine shone upon my bed. Birds were chirping melodiously. I walked down the stairs and had breakfast with the woman. It was a brand new day and a whole new world for me. The woman recommended me a job as a humble postman along the street, delivering papers and letters. I was exuberant. I applied for the job and started work that very day.

    After I started my job. I saved every cent and dollar from scratch. I started an oil mining business a few years from then. My business boomed and I was earning big money instantly. This was how I became a millionaire.

    Till today. I am very grateful for the woman’s action and promised to help anyone in need whenever I can.

Level Test 1 essay corrections by Aastha (01)

English Level Test 1 Essay (3)
Name: Aastha Singh (01) Class: S1-03

           "Ring! Ring! Jane's alarm clock rang loud, signalling for her to wake up for school. She dressed in her uniform and walked out of the house towards her school. She was very excited because she was working on a project with Lily, her friend. Lily was new to that school. She was very spoilt and bad-tempered, but Jane, being a humble and kind person, befriended her, because no one in her class was ready to do so. Jane believed that everyone had a right to be loved and not be lonely, no matter what their personality was. She was feeling pitiful for Lily when she saw that everyone in the class was trying their best to avoid her. She hoped that through their friendship, Lily would mend her ways and be well-liked by her classmates. Lily had seemed to settle down so far, after a whole semester in school. She also appeared to be more polite to others. Jane was glad that Lily was changing. She smiled to herself and went to school.
          After another fun-filled day at school, Jane and Lily were walking back home, chatting excitedly. The scorching sun made no difference to their endless chatter. Suddenly, they heard a pitiful wail coming from the opposite direction. Jane ran towards the direction, desperate to find the source of the wail. At last, she found it. A stray dog, whose front leg was sore, stood in front of her. It was trembling in fear and had its eyes shut tight. Its coat was brown, rough, and unevenly cut. Its legs were stout, and its body was flat and short. Jane's heart instantly melted at the sight of the poor dog. She carried it carefully and cradled it in her arms. She could infer that the dog's previous owner had left it behind carelessly as it had a collar but no name or address.
          Lily appeared before her, but seeing the ugly dog in her hands, she gave a cry of disgust and ran away. Jane was surprised at her reaction but shrugged it away and brought the dog back home. She bathed its wounds. Then, Jane drew out notices on a lost dog with all the information she could get from it. She then went around the entire neighbourhood, pasting the notices in the void decks of the blocks. The next day, she went to school and asked almost everyone if they had lost a dog. All of them denied. In the midst of all this, Jane had also noticed that Lily had not spoken to her the entire day. She wondered what was the reason for Lily being upset.
          After dismissal from school, Lily walked off before Jane. Jane quickly caught up with her and asked her the reason for her being upset. Lily told her that the reason was the ugly dog. With that, she walked off at a much faster pace, leaving Jane behind. When Lily entered the void deck of her block, she saw Jane's poster. It read, "Lost brown dog found with a red collar. Call Jane if the dog belongs to you or if you want to adopt it." Lily realised that Jane was not an ordinary person. Jane was very kind and had a great heart. She was not at all biassed towards any living thing, be it human or animal. Lily realised her mistake and decided to apologise to her.
          Lily found Jane walking the dog in the park nearby her house. Jane stopped and looked at Lily, puzzled. Lily apologised to her sincerely for her misunderstanding. . This time, she looked at the dog from a different perspective. Lily then saw it as a poor dog, left behind by its owner, and found by a kind girl, Jane. She helped Jane to take care of the dog. She learnt that all living things, no matter how they look, deserved to be loved.

          Days passed, but no one appeared at Jane's door to claim a lost dog. She was anxious for the dog, as its owner may be looking for it. She decided to put up more notices. She almost left the house to do so, when a desperate and worried looking man appeared at her door. Just then, the dog walked up to the door and wagged its tail wildly. Jane smiled and understood what it meant. She was glad that the dog found its owner, and also that she had done a noble deed.

Lee Dominic, level test corrections

     I woke up with a start, my head was spinning in circles. It was another morning. My back ached as I sat up on my soft, red bed. What a night it had been! I slowly dragged my feet to the kitchen for breakfast, but no one was there! I found it odd, all I saw was the dishwasher moving."Mom! Dad? This is not funny!" 'Cold shivers were sent up my spine'; There was no response.

     I decided to look for them myself in the three-story tall house. I looked in the rooms, the storage room, the toilet and the attic, but to no avail. Then, at the corner of my eye, I spotted something glimmering. Amongst all that dusty mess in the attic, something shone radiantly in the sunlight. With four gemstones on the side of the object, it glowed. I suddenly lost control of myself, breaking all the webs in my path, I walked towards that 'god' like object. It looked like a box. I carefully opened the lid as seven different colours shot out of the box forming a rainbow in the attic. I watched in amazement as the colours slowly touched the ground. It seemed to form ancient carvings on the walls of the attic.

     "it must have been old! The pictures were carvings of the silk road, as I have learnt in my history lessons! This object looks dangerous!' Though I was afraid of what this block of gemstones can do, I wanted to find out more! Out of curiosity, I opened the second layer of the silver box."Oh no!" The core of the box, a diamond dropped out of the second layer! The rainbow slowly got 'sucked' back into the box. The box then turned from silver to a dull shade of grey.

     It was then, my parents got home."Why of all times, now that they come back home? Why?!" I made a dash for the toilet to brush my teeth, forgetting to close the attic door! What rotten luck do I have today! My mother then announced, " I need to go to the attic to retrieve something." My eyes opened wide, my heart beat rapidly increased. I ran over to my mother and said,"Let's eat breakfast first?" But my mother just refused to listen to my pleas and continued walking. I ran in the opposite direction into my room. I locked my room door, beads of sweat trickled down my forehead. The seconds felt like minutes and minutes felt like hours, after a long time, my mother slammed on my door.

     "Were you... Were you the one who broke the box?" It sounded like she was crying!

     " What rainbow box? I have no idea what you are talking about." The word 'rainbow' just gave me away."Liar! Get out here now!" It came back to me! It all came back to me! That was the box that my grandmother gave to my mother before she passed away! Feeling guilty, I slowly opened the door, closing my eyes, awaiting the consequences. I expected to be canned, to be grounded, to be locked into my room. That moment felt so tense, but I only felt a warm pair of arms around me. My mother gave me a hug after all that I had done. " Do not touch things that you do not know what it is. It can get you into trouble like it just did."

     "sorry!" Tears flowed out of my eyes. "It shall not happen again!" I learnt that we must learn how to 'contain out curiosity', do not let it take control of you as it might get you into deep trouble. If everyone understands that, the world would be more peaceful.

Eldon Ng S1-03 Level Test 1

        The class was reticent, unusual.  Everyone was revising for the year end English Examinations.  I quickly took my textbook and joined them.  I did not want to do badly for the exams.
        "All students, please report to the examination hall."  Echoed the loudspeaker.  Everyone was tensed up, even me myself, event though I hardly got tensed up.  My face turned as white as a ghost, my legs were as wobbly as jelly, and I felt butterflies in my stomach.
        Just outside the hall, I opened my bag.  To my surprise, my pencil case was not there!  I started to panic, butterflies in my stomach turned into bats in my stomach!
        I went up to my good friends and asked them if they could lend me a pen or two.  "Too bad, not my problem!" they all said.  I felt hurt, left alone, as though the whole world was against me.  "Do u need some stationery?"  I heard.  One of my classmates was willing to lend me some stationery.  " Yes!"  I replied.  I finally saw light through the tunnel!  I felt so thankful towards him kindness and thanked him profusely.
        I stepped into the hall,  took in a deep breath to calm my mind.  After the examinations,  I went up to him and thanked him for saving my life.
        When I went home that day, I realised that a good friend is a friend who supports and helps you when you are in need.

English Level Test Corrections by Oh Jun Rong (21)

Name: Oh Jun Rong (21)
Class: S1-03
   Back in the days where school hours seemed shorter, I had always been grateful to this teacher, Mr Tan, ever since that day. Even now, I am still filled with gratitude for him. He had helped me countless times, but the memory of the first time that he had helped me has been deeply etched into my mind, sparking the flame of my respect for him.

   On a fateful day, I had been given a task to find ten students who wanted to volunteer to help out in the school open house that was nearing. I had spent the whole recess break running around the school, hoping to find people who would be gladly volunteer, but unfortunately, these kinds of people seemed not to exist in my primary school. Most of the people I had asked would usually ask if they would get any benefit from volunteering, and when I said that there was none, they would reject my offer. I would then be seen running through various places around the school after each set-back, hoping to find at least that one person would volunteer. I would dash past the canteen, sniffing the air to smell the sweet aroma of freshly-made food and hearing the sound of chatter from the boisterous crowds of students eating there.

   I would also run through the parade square, under the intense rays of light projected by the sun and being wrapped around by immense heat in a stifling embrace, while avoiding a few students who were playing various games. Soon, I was despondent for I was not able to find any volunteers. Until, a group of students approached me stating that they wanted to volunteer. Joy had taken over me; I quickly passed them the forms and a pen. They then filled up the forms, and they soon returned them to me. I was elated when I had seen those completed forms, I thanked them and then at a breakneck speed I rushed to get to the staff room to submit the form to Mr Tan, who had assigned this task to me.

   When I got there, Mr Tan was not there. I checked the forms while waiting for him. Shock then engulfed me. The students did not write their names on the forms. After seeing that, I ran around the school frantically, in search of those students. Then when I got to the canteen. Trying to find them, cold sweat started trickling down my face, and a chill went down my spine. I was petrified. The person that I did not want to run into at that point was standing right in front of my eyes. Mr Tan saw me holding the stack of forms, asked me if I had already found some students to volunteer, but they did not write their names on the forms.” Cowered in fear, hoping that he would not give me a tongue lashing for not checking the forms when I was with the students.

   To my astonishment, instead of lecturing me, Mr Tan said that he would help me to find those students. He told me that later after the assembly, he would make an announcement in front of all of the students, requesting for those students to meet me at the front of the hall.

   At the end of the day, the students wrote their names on the forms and thus I completed my task with the help from Mr Tan.

   I think that if I could do it all over, I would check the forms on the spot when those students were still there. But, I believe that it was still quite good to meet Mr Tan under those circumstances because I strongly believe that this incident he started to trust me with various tasks. I am and always will be thankful for Mr Tan’s help. What had happened on that day has been deeply etched into my mind leaving an indelible mark on my life.

Language Arts Level Test 1 corrections- Ria D.N (3)

       I looked out of hotel window. The lake was an emerald green. Beside it was a hill, short enough for one to climb easily. It was my first day in Australia and I had been excited. However, all the adventure was starting the next day. I asked my mother if I could explore the area around the hotel and she agreed.

       Streaks of pink and purple striped the bright orange sky. I knew it was going to be dark soon but I told myself, "this will be worth it." I climbed the hill slowly and as each moment passed, it became darker and darker.

       I lay down on the cool, soft grass and looked the sky. A carpet of shimmering stars floated above me. It was a magical night. I then sat up and looked at the ageless moon. I closed my eyes as I was plunged further and further into darkness and all I could hear was the waves crashing into the rocks.      

       I took a deep breath as if I had never breathed before and knew I should head back to my hotel but as I turned all I saw were millions of  lights glaring at me. All the buildings looked the same to me. My phone's battery had died and there was nothing I could do. I cautiously made my way down the hill. By then, I knew I was lost. A bead of perspiration trickled down my forehead. I quickened my pace and my heart quickened it's. An endless row of hotels lay before me. My eyes frantically searched for 'Outback Hotel' but could not find it. Then, a hand tapped my shoulder.

       I turned to see a woman with fiery red hair tied in a messy bun. She held a beer bottle in one hand and a cigarette in another. I took a step back from her. "What do you want from me?" I asked her. She licked her chapped lips and smiled, revealing her stained teeth. "What hotel are you looking for, girl?" she asked me. I was not planning to tell her but I did not have any choice. "Outback Hotel"

       She walked, stumbling every few steps, and I guessed she expected me to follow. "You shouldn't have trusted her. What were you thinking?" a voice in my head repeated repeatedly. After walking in silence for a few minutes, she stopped. On my right, stood 'Outback Hotel'. Relieved, I ran into the lobby where my mother was pacing up and down. She held me close to her and I suddenly felt secure.

       I ran back to the doorstep to see if the woman was still there. I wanted to thank her, to express my gratitude. As expected, she had left. My heart swelled with guilt.

       After that night, I never lost my way. I knew I had been lucky that night to have met her. So much could have gone wrong that night if she had not offered her help. Till this day, I am very thankful for her help and I still am very guilty for not thanking her.

Language Arts Level Test Corrections by Kinjal Agarwal (02)

English Level Test (Q2)

By:Kinjal Agarwal (02)

“I’m at a payphone, trying to call home. All of my change I spent it on you!” I was in the washroom, singing as loud as the train’s bell. Like always, I was singing my favourite song ‘Payphone'.However, I was unaware of the fact that my music teacher, Mrs Lim, was in the cubicle beside me. I was washing my hands, just when she came out of her cubicle. Nothing came out of my mouth. I was just ‘speechless’ at me the shameful act of singing in the washroom. Mrs Lim nodded her head, looking impressed at me.
Surprisingly, she praised my singing. That meant that she was hearing my singing the whole time. I was definitely ‘doomed’! It was a very awkward situation. To add the spice, she told me that it would be great if I would take up the opportunity to perform at the ‘Teachers’ Day Concert’ that was coming up. I shook my head and thought nothing of it and did not take her words seriously at all.
The following day, Mrs Lim came up to me during music lesson and told, without even asking, that she had already signed me up to take part in the upcoming ‘Teachers’ Day Concert’. I blinked my eyes continuously, thinking that she was just joking with me. I stared back at her for reassurance that she was not sarcastic. Mrs Lim glimpsed back at me, looking at me as though she did not expect me to be astonished at the news. I stood rooted to the ground and put up a fake smile, trying to tell her sarcastically, that I was very excited for the performance.
“That cannot be possible, Kinjal! That cannot be possible! I can’t do this!” I shrieked at myself. I was better sitting in a corner and reading my storybook. I totally hated big crowds and much attention directed towards me. I squeezed my eyes and recalled the events that could occur on the stage, such as me swallowing a fly, me falling off the stage, people hating my performance, people throwing tomatoes in my face. All those did not help me build up my confidence at all. I was feeling even worse and more afraid.
Finally, the day arrived, when I had to overcome my worst fear but the biggest dream. That day, I tried to walk as slow as a snail to school so that I would miss my performance. Nevertheless, my legs did not listen to me that day and I, unfortunately, reached just in time for my performance. As soon as I put down my heavy loaded backpack, I could hear the loud speakers blasting in my ears, almost waking up the dead.
“Next up, we have Kinjal Agarwal from S1-03 to sing for us ‘Confident’ by Demi Lovato! Let’s put our hands together to welcome her on stage!” I heard a huge round of applause for me. At the worst time of my life, the applause helped to boost my confidence a little. I ambled onto the stage with baby steps.I could hear my inner thoughts telling me that I was capable of doing it, and I could not be scared. I froze in front of the mike, my eyes bulging, almost popping out of their sockets. The background music of my song had started playing already, but nothing came out of my mouth. My mouth was agape, and my legs were quivering.
“You can do it Kinjal! Just try your best and never give up no matter what! You have to school the school what you really are!” I tried to encourage myself. The background music was played again. I shut my eyes tightly and imagined myself in the cubical alone, with no eyes staring at me. That was when I heard my voice starting its magic. I sang, without even realising.
I semed to enjoy singing, then.At the end of my performance, I took the opportunity to thank my lovely music teacher, Mrs Lim for helping me overcome my fear and also make my dream come true. It was only because of her that I was standing over there. She also assured me that anything was possible if I gave it a try!

Isaac Chng 13 Level Test Grammarly

Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Language Arts Level Test 1 Corrections
Name: Valerie Tan (6)
Class: S1-03
             The least expected person came to help, without even telling us his name. He just came, helped and left immediately. I will never forget the kindness he showed my mother and I. I will never forget the help from the least expected.
             “Get in the car dear!” My mother shouted, “Let’s go to the shopping mall!”
             The holidays had finally arrived, and my parents brought my siblings and me to our favourite holiday destination, Australia. My Cousin had migrated to Australia a few years ago, and we would stay with her during our time in Australia. It had been a long awaited holiday for me as I anticipated going to the warm sandy beaches and the cool ocean breeze. That was not the only part of my holiday that I was looking forward to, I was looking forward to shopping! My cousin told me about all the wonderful things I could buy, and I had been begging my mother to bring me to a shopping mall ever since we arrived in Australia.
             Finally, my mother grew sick of my begging and decided to take me to the nearest shopping mall. I hopped into the car and headed to the mall.
             The mall was huge. Everywhere I turned, all I could see was shops and stores. There were so many shops to the extent that I had no idea where to start shopping. Time soon flew by, and before we knew it, we were loaded with bags and bags of things we bought.
            My mother soon told me that it was time to head back as she struggled to carry the load. I agreed and followed my mother to the car. The cars were lined neatly, and all of them looked almost the same, causing my mother and I to take a long time to find our car. Eventually, we found the car and loaded all our shopping goods into the car’s boot. I got into the front seat as my mother hopped into the car, getting ready to start the car.
            “That was a lot of shopping!” I giggled and turned around to see all the shopping bags at the back of the car.
             “Yes, it was!” My mother replied as she turned the key to start the engine. The usual roar of the engine was not heard, and my mother tried to turn the key once more. Nothing happened. My mother started panicking as she tried to turn the key over and over again, but it was to no avail. The car refused to start at all.
              Panic struck both my mother and I as we were in a foreign country, with no idea where to turn for help. My mother scrambled out of the car and checked the engine. It turned out that the battery was flat, and we need a jump-start cable to jump start our car.
              I broke out in a cold sweat as the thought of us being stranded in the carpark flooded my mind. I should not have insisted on going shopping! My mother was frazzled as she rummages through the car to find a jump-start cable. After turning the car inside the car inside out, we still did not find it and decided to ask around to find someone kind enough to lend us a jump-start cable.
              We walked around the carpark over and over again, asking everyone we met if the had a jump-start cable. Most of them ignored us, sneering at our petite size and Asian skin, while the rest, unfortunately, had not jump-start cable to lend us. We were just about to give up when we saw a burly man with tattooes plastered on his arms, arranging some sort of cables at the back of his old van. The stench of cigarettes could be detected ten metres from him as we approached him. I hesitated, I did not want this man to help! He looked so dangerous and scary! My mother ignored me and approached the man cautiously, asking him for his help. It just so happened that he had a jump-start cable and was more than willing to help us.
               He drove his beat-up old van next to our car and like a professional mechanic, he immediately connected the cable to our car and our car sprang back to life and the roar of the engine was heard once again.
               My mother heaved a huge sigh of relief as if a huge burden was lifted from her shoulders. We were both filled with gratitude towards him and was about to thank the man for his help, but the man had already left, driving his van away.
               Until this day, my mother and I have no idea what that kind man’s name was, but I was very thankful for his help> I learnt never to judge a book by its cover and that we should accept everyone with open arms. I will never forget the kindness shown by this mysterious man, the help from the least expected person.

Monday, 21 March 2016

english AA sarah fareed kagda

Name: Sarah
Class: S1-03
Date and Time: 29/1/2016
Title: The Mysterious paradise (Final)

There was a person, with his crew floating around space. His name was Tim, and he was lost in space with his crew in their gleaming spaceship.

Tim held a discussion. “We have escaped earth's death. Now what?” Tim started, remembering the depleting and wasting. All they had ever done. “Well, I should believe we were not fated to survive. As such, we should maybe go on a suicide mission?” answered Perry, their second-hand man. The crew were all strong believers in fate, and fate had said no to survivors. “I should agree. Any suggestions on the mission to uptake?” Sam, the ship’s engineer, continued. “well Samantha, maybe a black hole will suffice? I hear there's a theory by Stephen Hawking that black holes may lead to another universe.” Arthur said in his booming voice. Not being able to think of anything else, Tim agreed. This way, they would either make amazing discoveries or die, rightfully so.

Sam checked everything. Everything was ready.They took off, zipping through the stars. They watched the stars and gazed at the planets. It was beautiful. It was as if it were fate.

Then, they were there. They knew it was the black hole, as an explosion of everything was sucked into it. It spiralled and turned, and they knew it was because of a tiny dot, the size of an eraser, that was, well, 4 million times the mass of the sun. "hey just like the description I read! They said black holes like this might lead to another universe." Perry exclaimed excitedly. They hurtled towards it, wanting to discover more. Deeper into the hole in space. It became blacker, pitch black then blacker still.

Then it was bright and white everywhere, a white so intense it almost seemed black, so blinding that they almost crumbled into nothing. It was so silent, and they could almost see it floating in the air. “This might be it!” Tim said awkwardly. Thank goodness he broke the silence. Goodness knows what might have happened.

Then there was a problematic piece of shipwreck heading towards them.

They had to move fast. Tim immediately climbed into his suit and started climbing out. The crew knew he would not come back. “Tim don’t! I…I….never got to tell you…” Sam whimpered. Tim had known long before. Sam had always liked him. That was why he was doing this for them. Because he loved Sam. “I know I will not come back. But I will always live on in your heart. Keep safe my friends. I know you’ll make it to the other side.” he jumped out and flew into space, saving his friends by destroying the incoming wreck with his blaster, floating away forever away into the void, away from the hole, away from them.

And then, they landed on soft grass. Happily, they realised this was a parallel universe where the people had saved themselves by saving Earth and its precious resources. This was the new beginning.