Sunday, 27 March 2016

English Level Test Corrections by Ethan (20)

English Language Level Test 1 corrections by Ethan (20)

       The town was waking up. The moon had crept away while the sun shone its way into its presence. The park was strangely empty, much more deserted than expected. From a distance, I saw many trees, some senior folks doing morning exercise and some joggers and cyclists as well. I glanced around, looking for something to entertain my friend and me. We had played in every single ride, and it was getting boring there. We wanted something more fun and exciting.
       After what seemed like an eternity, my friend found something that caught both of our eyes. It was a birds nest! Instinctively, a light bulb shone in my head. I immediately thought of getting the nest down to take a look. Wasting no time, we raced to the big birch tree with our target in sight.
        As soon as we reached the tree, we looked up, and as we predicted, the nest was far from our grasp. My quick-minded friend suggested that I carried him, and he would use a stick to poke the nest down. We quickly went into action. With a heave and some difficulty, I lifted my friend, and he prodded the nest down.
        Just as we were going to peek inside the nest, we heard a bird screech in distance. Another bird, presumably the mother of the chicks and was going to attack us. My friend and I tried to flee but to no avail. We were jabbed and poked from all directions. Suddenly we just burst out and ran. We knew not where, but all we wanted was to run from that maniac bird. After five straight minutes of pursuit and running like headless chickens, we managed to outrun the bird. We walked home with lots of cuts, bruises, and a blob of bird poo on my shirt.
        My mother, knowing what happened, treated my wounds and warned me never to do such a brazen act again. Much as we were curious, we should not go to the extent of risking ourselves like that to fulfil our curiosity. Looking back, I thought that was the most stupid act I had ever done. Now I finally understood what it means when “curiosity killed the cat.” Next time, I would think through before proceeding to do anything.

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