Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Eldon Ng S1-03 Level Test 1

        The class was reticent, unusual.  Everyone was revising for the year end English Examinations.  I quickly took my textbook and joined them.  I did not want to do badly for the exams.
        "All students, please report to the examination hall."  Echoed the loudspeaker.  Everyone was tensed up, even me myself, event though I hardly got tensed up.  My face turned as white as a ghost, my legs were as wobbly as jelly, and I felt butterflies in my stomach.
        Just outside the hall, I opened my bag.  To my surprise, my pencil case was not there!  I started to panic, butterflies in my stomach turned into bats in my stomach!
        I went up to my good friends and asked them if they could lend me a pen or two.  "Too bad, not my problem!" they all said.  I felt hurt, left alone, as though the whole world was against me.  "Do u need some stationery?"  I heard.  One of my classmates was willing to lend me some stationery.  " Yes!"  I replied.  I finally saw light through the tunnel!  I felt so thankful towards him kindness and thanked him profusely.
        I stepped into the hall,  took in a deep breath to calm my mind.  After the examinations,  I went up to him and thanked him for saving my life.
        When I went home that day, I realised that a good friend is a friend who supports and helps you when you are in need.

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