Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Language Arts Level Test Corrections by Kinjal Agarwal (02)

English Level Test (Q2)

By:Kinjal Agarwal (02)

“I’m at a payphone, trying to call home. All of my change I spent it on you!” I was in the washroom, singing as loud as the train’s bell. Like always, I was singing my favourite song ‘Payphone'.However, I was unaware of the fact that my music teacher, Mrs Lim, was in the cubicle beside me. I was washing my hands, just when she came out of her cubicle. Nothing came out of my mouth. I was just ‘speechless’ at me the shameful act of singing in the washroom. Mrs Lim nodded her head, looking impressed at me.
Surprisingly, she praised my singing. That meant that she was hearing my singing the whole time. I was definitely ‘doomed’! It was a very awkward situation. To add the spice, she told me that it would be great if I would take up the opportunity to perform at the ‘Teachers’ Day Concert’ that was coming up. I shook my head and thought nothing of it and did not take her words seriously at all.
The following day, Mrs Lim came up to me during music lesson and told, without even asking, that she had already signed me up to take part in the upcoming ‘Teachers’ Day Concert’. I blinked my eyes continuously, thinking that she was just joking with me. I stared back at her for reassurance that she was not sarcastic. Mrs Lim glimpsed back at me, looking at me as though she did not expect me to be astonished at the news. I stood rooted to the ground and put up a fake smile, trying to tell her sarcastically, that I was very excited for the performance.
“That cannot be possible, Kinjal! That cannot be possible! I can’t do this!” I shrieked at myself. I was better sitting in a corner and reading my storybook. I totally hated big crowds and much attention directed towards me. I squeezed my eyes and recalled the events that could occur on the stage, such as me swallowing a fly, me falling off the stage, people hating my performance, people throwing tomatoes in my face. All those did not help me build up my confidence at all. I was feeling even worse and more afraid.
Finally, the day arrived, when I had to overcome my worst fear but the biggest dream. That day, I tried to walk as slow as a snail to school so that I would miss my performance. Nevertheless, my legs did not listen to me that day and I, unfortunately, reached just in time for my performance. As soon as I put down my heavy loaded backpack, I could hear the loud speakers blasting in my ears, almost waking up the dead.
“Next up, we have Kinjal Agarwal from S1-03 to sing for us ‘Confident’ by Demi Lovato! Let’s put our hands together to welcome her on stage!” I heard a huge round of applause for me. At the worst time of my life, the applause helped to boost my confidence a little. I ambled onto the stage with baby steps.I could hear my inner thoughts telling me that I was capable of doing it, and I could not be scared. I froze in front of the mike, my eyes bulging, almost popping out of their sockets. The background music of my song had started playing already, but nothing came out of my mouth. My mouth was agape, and my legs were quivering.
“You can do it Kinjal! Just try your best and never give up no matter what! You have to school the school what you really are!” I tried to encourage myself. The background music was played again. I shut my eyes tightly and imagined myself in the cubical alone, with no eyes staring at me. That was when I heard my voice starting its magic. I sang, without even realising.
I semed to enjoy singing, then.At the end of my performance, I took the opportunity to thank my lovely music teacher, Mrs Lim for helping me overcome my fear and also make my dream come true. It was only because of her that I was standing over there. She also assured me that anything was possible if I gave it a try!

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