Thursday, 24 March 2016

Level test one corrections Sarah

    " It's a beautiful day today! Birds are singing, flowers are blooming. On days like these, kids like you should definitely be out and about." Mother sang out joyfully to the park. We had been cooped up at home for so long, and we were both sick of it. Mother sat down and enjoyed the lush greenery that had been splashed with sunlight as I pranced around the purple flowers that sprang up from the ground each year.
    "Rustle... Rustle...Rustle" the bushes whispered. "Strange," I thought. There had not been any wind at all that day. "Ignore it. Just ignore it. It could get you in as much trouble as that day." you remembered the time you had landed in the hospital for being nosy. The memories make you shudder.
    "Although, it is unusual to find a bush rustling without reason..." I murmured softly. I had to investigate. Yet, I could not be so naive. Whatever it was behind, it could hurt me. I did not want to take that chance again.
    "however, imagine the riches and fame you could lose if you ignored it!" a brief thought passed through. It could be a mystical creature or an answer to life's problems. What good would ignoring it do?
    The strong debate in my mind was settling. Time to decide.
    I ran over, no second thoughts, and pushed aside the raggedy twigs. With its secrets exposed in the great sunlight, I found a... a litter of small kittens?! this definitely was intriguing but honestly not what I was expecting. Where were my mysterious new species? Where was my wealth and fame? I thought, finding myself picking up one of the cute furballs.
    I, however, had little time to ponder over these questions as the mother cat sprang out heroically to supposedly save her kittens from the impending threat. She jumped up, a grey blur, too fast to see. My fave met with a sharp shiny tip. I felt pain. Too much pain. It slashed my every attempt to stay conscious.

    I woke in the hospital, with a familiar face wrinkled with worry for a greeting.    "Oh no, not again" I whispered, in a voice weak and small. My mother leaned in and gave me a kiss. "never do anything like this again. You hear me?" she said with a silent fury that also sounded motherly at the same time. I finally learnt my lesson. Curiosity killed the cat.

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