Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Alternative assessment

Name: Ryan LiClass: S103Date: 2/2/16Title: Locked in Orbit.The year is 3999. Everyone is normal. Or so it was thought……Ryan and his best friend Nathan were exploring the Arctic when strange things started happening. First, the expected winter did not come. Second, they began feeling nausea; this went on for several days. Then, unable to take it any longer, Nathan announced,“Let's just watch the news, made they will have some answers for us.” Ryan nodded in agreement. But when they used Ryan’s holographic projector and went to the news website, what they saw was not the news. A hooded figure filled the holographic projector. His face was half-metal, indicating that he is a cyborg. Then, in a great and raspy voice, the figure spoke. “The Earth has locked, the apocalypse has arrived and we, the Syndicate shall save you. We only ask in return that you will turn over those of you who have developed certain……abilities. Do not resist……”  With that, the broadcast ended.Needing time to wrap his head around this, Nathan stood up, paced around Ryan, his solid-built body shaking slightly with each step. Ryan, remained seated in the snow, thinking, how can this be? The apocalypse was only supposed to happen another million years from now.The scientist said so. Then, He noticed with bewilderment that a line of people clad in black robes was advancing toward them. They were wearing the same kind of clothes as the person they saw on Ryan's phone. Syndicate members, Ryan thought, maybe they are here to save us. Nathan noticed them too. Then, the members raised their metallic hands. Suddenly, a sonic boom came out of one member's hands. It hit the rock beside Nathan. In a bout of panic, Nathan raised his hand to shield his face from shrapnel, and a lightning bolt flew out of it striking one of the Syndicate members. Ryan looked at Nathan and as if they could read one another’s minds they bolted in opposite directions. The Syndicate members also split up.Ryan ran, he knew not where, just as long as it was away from the members. When he finally stopped to rest, he thought, why do they want to kill me? As if sensing where Ryan was, the Syndicate members appeared in front of Ryan. As he raised his hands to protect his face from whatever the syndicate members were about to do to him, all the syndicate members flew in the direction his hand was moving, causing them to become impaled on a rock outcropping. I guess that's why— I have telekinesis.Ryan thought grimly. As he retraced his steps, he found the final Syndicate member standing over a knocked-out Nathan. His head turned towards Ryan as he approached, forgetting about Nathan. Suddenly, Ryan was being crushed. The pain was all that existed at the moment . Oblivion washed over him.Ryan awoke to find Nathan standing over him and the syndicate member dead behind them. In his forehead  “What do you think caused this?.”Nathan asked. “They charged particles from the sun. They break down DNA when someone is exposed to them.” Ryan replied. “They will be coming for us,” Nathan said. “ No, they will not. We will be coming for them.”Ryan replied with a heart burning with determination.

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