Wednesday, 23 March 2016

EL Level Test 1 corrections Josiah Choo (16)

    It was early one morning, The sun yet to rise above the high canopy of trees that surrounded the city. Having a few more hours before school started, I went for a walk in the nearby garden to relax.

    The sun continued to rise as I strolled through the park. Flowers that formed a sea of colours would sway in the wind as I walked past, with the birds chirping on the treetops. As I went on to walk the streets, warm rays of sunlight pierced the clouds and shed light on the city.

    Just as I was about to return home, I noticed something at the back of my eye. A luminous blue light emitted from an alleyway. This blue light piqued my curiosity. I cautiously walked into the alleyway. Once I entered the alley, I found a blue flame burning ever so bright. The flame never seemed to falter in the strong winds. As I stared longer at it, the blue light seemed to warm my heart. I inched slowly closer, trying to feel the warmth. It was as if I could not control myself; I stuck my hand into the fire.

    I let out a scream as the fire seared my skin and pain engulfed my body. The pain was unbearable as I stumbled onto the floor. As soon as I got up, I rushed to the hospital. Upon reaching, I was brought immediately to the doctor to be treated. After the doctor had bandaged up my wound, I realised what had happened and I regretted being too curious. From then on, I learnt to be smarter and think before I acted.

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