Friday, 25 March 2016

English level test 1 corrections by Tan Ray Shyuan

                "Good job, Joanne, you're the top scorer for English!" Mdm Wong said in front of class. I saw the envy looks of my classmates as I walked towards Madam Wong to get a prize. Flashbacks of how hard it took to receive this award appeared in my mind......
       " Argh! Is it English period now?" I grumbled, feeling annoyed as Mdm Wong, my English teacher was strict and could never tolerate loud noises." Class stand!" Madam Wong bellowed. Everyone quickened their pace and sat in their seats, including me. Madam Wong's thick eyebrows and bushy hair made her appearance more menacing. After greeting her Madam Wong, she started giving out the class test papers we had done the previous week. Slowly one by one, Madam Wong called our names.
       " Joanne!" Madam Wong called my name. Like a cat on hot bricks, I went up to her. Out of the blue, she started to yell at me," Not only is your handwriting notorious, but you also scored the lowest for this test in 6A!" From that day onwards, my hatred for her was more than ever.
       Many weeks have passed, it was finally the end of year examination! Oh, how I wished I had studied for it, That day, I went to school with a blank mind, waiting to do the paper.
    Your time starts now!" Our invigilator announced. "Piece of cake." I thought. However, I was gravely mistaken. As I flipped open the first page, my mind was blank. I thought as hard as I could but to no avail. Regrets hit me like a tidal wave as I Wished I could go back time to study for my examinations.
     "Ding...Dong.." the bell rang, everyone put down their pens and smiled, seemingly satisfied. However, on the other hand, I had struggled to finish the paper.  After the paper, students were allowed to go home. Thus, I went back, thinking of the dire examination.
     The next day when I went to school, stood Madam Wong outside the classroom. I quickly scurried to class, hoping that she would not see me. " Joanne." Madam Wong called. I stopped my footsteps and turned around unwillingly. " Joanne, could you meet me after school today?" Madam Wong said to me in a shockingly gentle voice. I nodded my head in acknowledgement and walked to the classroom.
      The school had just ended; I hurried to the Staff Room where I saw Madam Wong. She greeted me with a smile as I sat beside her. Patiently and slowly, Mdm Wong tutored me, helping me understand each and every question of the examination paper. At that time, I felt guilty, for thinking that Madam Wong had been picking on me.
      " Joanne! Wake up!" My best friend Jia Hui shouted at me. I snapped out of my daydream and started packing my bag. On the way home, I felt grateful to Madam Wong, helping me achieve what I have today.

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