Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Language Arts Level Test 1 Corrections
Name: Valerie Tan (6)
Class: S1-03
             The least expected person came to help, without even telling us his name. He just came, helped and left immediately. I will never forget the kindness he showed my mother and I. I will never forget the help from the least expected.
             “Get in the car dear!” My mother shouted, “Let’s go to the shopping mall!”
             The holidays had finally arrived, and my parents brought my siblings and me to our favourite holiday destination, Australia. My Cousin had migrated to Australia a few years ago, and we would stay with her during our time in Australia. It had been a long awaited holiday for me as I anticipated going to the warm sandy beaches and the cool ocean breeze. That was not the only part of my holiday that I was looking forward to, I was looking forward to shopping! My cousin told me about all the wonderful things I could buy, and I had been begging my mother to bring me to a shopping mall ever since we arrived in Australia.
             Finally, my mother grew sick of my begging and decided to take me to the nearest shopping mall. I hopped into the car and headed to the mall.
             The mall was huge. Everywhere I turned, all I could see was shops and stores. There were so many shops to the extent that I had no idea where to start shopping. Time soon flew by, and before we knew it, we were loaded with bags and bags of things we bought.
            My mother soon told me that it was time to head back as she struggled to carry the load. I agreed and followed my mother to the car. The cars were lined neatly, and all of them looked almost the same, causing my mother and I to take a long time to find our car. Eventually, we found the car and loaded all our shopping goods into the car’s boot. I got into the front seat as my mother hopped into the car, getting ready to start the car.
            “That was a lot of shopping!” I giggled and turned around to see all the shopping bags at the back of the car.
             “Yes, it was!” My mother replied as she turned the key to start the engine. The usual roar of the engine was not heard, and my mother tried to turn the key once more. Nothing happened. My mother started panicking as she tried to turn the key over and over again, but it was to no avail. The car refused to start at all.
              Panic struck both my mother and I as we were in a foreign country, with no idea where to turn for help. My mother scrambled out of the car and checked the engine. It turned out that the battery was flat, and we need a jump-start cable to jump start our car.
              I broke out in a cold sweat as the thought of us being stranded in the carpark flooded my mind. I should not have insisted on going shopping! My mother was frazzled as she rummages through the car to find a jump-start cable. After turning the car inside the car inside out, we still did not find it and decided to ask around to find someone kind enough to lend us a jump-start cable.
              We walked around the carpark over and over again, asking everyone we met if the had a jump-start cable. Most of them ignored us, sneering at our petite size and Asian skin, while the rest, unfortunately, had not jump-start cable to lend us. We were just about to give up when we saw a burly man with tattooes plastered on his arms, arranging some sort of cables at the back of his old van. The stench of cigarettes could be detected ten metres from him as we approached him. I hesitated, I did not want this man to help! He looked so dangerous and scary! My mother ignored me and approached the man cautiously, asking him for his help. It just so happened that he had a jump-start cable and was more than willing to help us.
               He drove his beat-up old van next to our car and like a professional mechanic, he immediately connected the cable to our car and our car sprang back to life and the roar of the engine was heard once again.
               My mother heaved a huge sigh of relief as if a huge burden was lifted from her shoulders. We were both filled with gratitude towards him and was about to thank the man for his help, but the man had already left, driving his van away.
               Until this day, my mother and I have no idea what that kind man’s name was, but I was very thankful for his help> I learnt never to judge a book by its cover and that we should accept everyone with open arms. I will never forget the kindness shown by this mysterious man, the help from the least expected person.

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