Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Ryan Li (19) S1-03 Level Test 1

Our stomachs growled as we made our way to the new shopping mall. Through the windows, we could see eateries advertising their delicious food. This only served to remind our stomachs of the food they were promised and thus groaned in protest. My friends and I were at the new shopping mall to seek out some delicious food for our bodies after a grueling day at school. As we stepped inside, the cold air and the aroma of food hit us like a welcoming party. That day, the mall was packed with visitors, so most of the restaurants were full. As we loved Japanese food, we went straight towards the nearest Japanese food restaurant that was not packed with people. On the way, a beggar about the same age as us threw himself at my feet, begging for any money we had spare him. Disgusted at this unkempt sight, we turned up our noses in unison and walked on.
Once at the restaurant, we ordered whatever that we could fit into our stomachs. When the food arrived, we dived into it like a pack of hungry wolves, only stopping to breathe for a few seconds. We ate and ate until we could eat no more. Being in a good mood after that excellent meal, I offered to pay. But as soon as the waiter came with the bill, I discovered something was wrong. I put my hands in my pocket as an ice-cold wave of fear struck me. “Oh, no!”I exclaimed. “My wallet is not here!” Panic overtook me as I dashed out of the restaurant, ignoring the suspicious glances that the people outside were giving me. I ran to and fro, like a rat seeking shelter, my eyes scanning the floor and the tables for my wallet. “Thank god my wallet is light blue, so it cannot be hard to miss,” I muttered to myself.
Just then, a thought struck me. “What if someone stole it?” The thought hit me like a lightning bolt. “If someone did, then they could use the money inside it for themselves or use my bus pass as a fake ID!” Fear grabbed my heart in its iron claws as panic filled my veins. Adrenaline shot through me as I ran with renewed energy to find my wallet. After what seemed like hours of searching, I gave up, too tired to continue. Helpless, I stared at the ground, willing tears not to come. I trudged back to the restaurant where my friends were. Then at a time when there was no hope, a “hero” had come to help me. The beggar that I had seen earlier walked up to me and thrust his hand out. Inside his hand, was a light blue object. “My wallet!” I exclaimed. I thanked the beggar profusely. Then, I asked, “What is your name?” “Nathan.” He replied. “Nathan, what can I do to repay you?” “ I do not need you to do that, like my parents always said, ‘it is not a good deed unless you do it without a reward in mind.’” “ Your parents are very, very wise, here, a token of my appreciation,” With that, I took out four fifty-dollar notes and gave it to the beggar. He thanked me and said, “ I will use this wisely.” “ Before you do that, let me introduce you to my friends,” I said, guiding him to where my friends were waiting.
That day one year ago, I felt thankful to Nathan for finding my wallet and teaching me how to do truly a good deed and how to be kind to others even without getting kindness in return. “ Now, those are things to be thankful for. Thank you, Nathan!” I thought to myself as I recount that incident.

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