Monday, 28 March 2016

Level Test 1 Corrections by Chris (9)

Level Test 1 Corrections

    Everytime I look at the red velvet handkerchief on my table, I grin. The handkerchief has a significant meaning for me as it always made me forever grateful for that someone.
    "Beep! Beep!" the old rusty alarm clock rung. As I slowly opened my eyes, my world started to fill with bright light. Vision still blurry, I picked up and the alarm clock and read," 7.50am". In the instance, I jumped out of the bed and ran to grab my school uniform. I hastily undressed and buttoned my newly ironed school uniform.
    I sprinted to the living room to grab my bag and wore my worn out shoes. As I tied my shoe laces, I came to realise that my once white shoes now had dirt and some traces of mud all over it. "I got to hurry before I become late for my examinations," I thought to myself.
    Distressed, I sprinted all the way to my school. Neither did I once stop for a breather nor turned to look back. I knew that time was ticking away each second; my future was at stake.
    Once I had reached the school, I scanned the area and found nobody was here. "Strange," I thought. My whole body was drench. My hair was wet and all flat, my skin felt slippery. It was as if I was bathed in my perspiration.
    As I continued my way to the hall, my vision started to grow weaker. My head felt heavy, and I walked slower. "What's happening?" I asked myself. Suddenly, I felt a sharp pain in my stomach as if something had pierced through me. Soon, I was gasping for air. The world around became distorted; my vision went blank. I heard someone calling out to me just before I fainted. I wanted to turn back to look, but it was too late. Everything went black, just like the clouds on a rainy day.
    I opened my eyes to see a white ceiling to greeting me. I looked around and saw a sign saying," Sick Bay". At this moment, a staff member came in. He asked me whether I was feeling better and told me that he had already contacted my family members. A faint smile appeared across my face.
    "Thank you so much for helping me, I'm forever grateful," I told the staff member. He laughed and said to me,"  It wasn't me who brought you here, it was a young gentleman who carried you here when he found you lying on the ground, unconscious."
    I started to question the staff member about this mysterious man. The staff member could only describe to me how he looked like and passed me a red velvet handkerchief. "This handkerchief belonged to the man who helped you. If you ever were to find him, you should return this to him," the staff member told me. I nodded and once again thanked the staff member before I left. Although feeling a little better, I decided to go home to take a rest.
    Till this day, I am still as grateful as back then for that someone who had helped me. The willingness of a stranger wanting to help someone who he or she does not know is truly remarkable. If the society we live in today could be like this, the world would be a much better place to live in.

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