Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Lee Dominic, level test corrections

     I woke up with a start, my head was spinning in circles. It was another morning. My back ached as I sat up on my soft, red bed. What a night it had been! I slowly dragged my feet to the kitchen for breakfast, but no one was there! I found it odd, all I saw was the dishwasher moving."Mom! Dad? This is not funny!" 'Cold shivers were sent up my spine'; There was no response.

     I decided to look for them myself in the three-story tall house. I looked in the rooms, the storage room, the toilet and the attic, but to no avail. Then, at the corner of my eye, I spotted something glimmering. Amongst all that dusty mess in the attic, something shone radiantly in the sunlight. With four gemstones on the side of the object, it glowed. I suddenly lost control of myself, breaking all the webs in my path, I walked towards that 'god' like object. It looked like a box. I carefully opened the lid as seven different colours shot out of the box forming a rainbow in the attic. I watched in amazement as the colours slowly touched the ground. It seemed to form ancient carvings on the walls of the attic.

     "it must have been old! The pictures were carvings of the silk road, as I have learnt in my history lessons! This object looks dangerous!' Though I was afraid of what this block of gemstones can do, I wanted to find out more! Out of curiosity, I opened the second layer of the silver box."Oh no!" The core of the box, a diamond dropped out of the second layer! The rainbow slowly got 'sucked' back into the box. The box then turned from silver to a dull shade of grey.

     It was then, my parents got home."Why of all times, now that they come back home? Why?!" I made a dash for the toilet to brush my teeth, forgetting to close the attic door! What rotten luck do I have today! My mother then announced, " I need to go to the attic to retrieve something." My eyes opened wide, my heart beat rapidly increased. I ran over to my mother and said,"Let's eat breakfast first?" But my mother just refused to listen to my pleas and continued walking. I ran in the opposite direction into my room. I locked my room door, beads of sweat trickled down my forehead. The seconds felt like minutes and minutes felt like hours, after a long time, my mother slammed on my door.

     "Were you... Were you the one who broke the box?" It sounded like she was crying!

     " What rainbow box? I have no idea what you are talking about." The word 'rainbow' just gave me away."Liar! Get out here now!" It came back to me! It all came back to me! That was the box that my grandmother gave to my mother before she passed away! Feeling guilty, I slowly opened the door, closing my eyes, awaiting the consequences. I expected to be canned, to be grounded, to be locked into my room. That moment felt so tense, but I only felt a warm pair of arms around me. My mother gave me a hug after all that I had done. " Do not touch things that you do not know what it is. It can get you into trouble like it just did."

     "sorry!" Tears flowed out of my eyes. "It shall not happen again!" I learnt that we must learn how to 'contain out curiosity', do not let it take control of you as it might get you into deep trouble. If everyone understands that, the world would be more peaceful.

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