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Ethan Ng (20) English creative writing 1 and 2

Name: Ethan Ng
Class: S1-03

Creative writing essay 1

A person I remembered the most.
One of my earliest memories was when I first caught a glimpse of this world. The first person whom I saw was my mother. She had straight, long jet black hair that looked like a flowing stream, with an unusually nerdy spectacles. I could still remember the smile on her face when I caught my first glimpse of her.
When I was discharged from the hospital and ready to meet my home, that was when I was free to roam. I could still remember how my mother would eat silently and text on her phone. I tried mimicking her but I failed miserably. She was not the normal, vain kind of female you would think of. She always wore casual clothes.
Since young, I always liked to play. I could still remember how my parents wanted to inculcate the habit of exercising. I could still remember how my parents wanted to inculcate the habit of exercising. Hence, every week, we would go to the park to cycle. Me, on a little tricycle enjoying the beautiful scenes and the smell of trees, while my parents rode on their bicycle. Those were great moments. I could remember spotting a rooster and a hen in the middle of the path and I nearly collided into them. It was a tad scary but I was fascinated as I discovered a new creature I had never known. Till now, I still have a picture of that moment.
I used to live in a condominium. From my bedroom, I had a fantastic view of of the trees and the pools downstairs. It was a cramped area, but there was enough space to run around and have a ball pit! Good memories, but alas, they do not last. I shifted out a few years later. Till now, I still do not understand why. It smelled of love and felt very comforting at heart.
That, was my past memories.

Name:Ethan Ng
Class: S1-03

Creative writing essay 2

The dark shortcut lay before John. Twigs crackled under his feet. Light grew less and the trees seemed to bend closer to each other. As he walked further, it got darker and darker. I walk here everyday, I’m not scared of the dark, John told himself. He could smell a whiff of fertiliser as well.
A cold gale blew across him. From his shoulder, he thought he saw an eerie shadow. John turned to confront it, but it was gone. A few seconds later, it reappeared, this time stopping in front of John. Two pairs of eerie, evil little eyes greeted John. He gulped, and thought, Is this a monster? John started trembling and the shadow seemed to creep closer, it seemed so close that John could almost feel a furry monster.
John gulped. His legs were shaking. However, he was far away from home. He wanted to turn and bolt away but his legs felt like it was rooted to the ground. Cold sweat dripped from his forehead.
Suddenly, John head some stepping of leaves and a branch breaking. He concentrated and could see the shadow coming closer. Suddenly, in every hole, far and wide, seemed to posses a pair of big, black eyes, all focusing on John. Instinctively, John bolted, he knew not where, and at last hid behind a tree. Too pooped to run further, he could only pray hard that the shadow would not find him. There he hid, heart racing, clammy hands and cold sweat dripping from his forehead.
John trembled. And wished he had listened to his buddies who had said: Never go the shortcut at nighttime.

Creative Task one and two by josh teo

The alley lay before him. The alley was dark and menacing, like walking into a tiger’s mouth. Mouse scurried through the alley, rushing to get home. As he was scurrying back, out from the corner of his eyes, he spotted two slits of glimmering eyes. Mouse stopped in his tracks and stared at them. He started imagining a silhouette of a big creature on the brick walls.”This is just an illusion” Mouse said to himself.

Mouse saw another pair of eyes. They were glimmering yellow. Mouse started to shiver. He felt a chill ran down his spine as he continued to scurry. Mouse repeatedly told himself not to imagine anything.

The eyes seemed to follow him as he scurried past them. The shadow looked like it was growing. There was also the sound of shuffling feet. The shadow looked twice its normal size, and the eyes looked much bigger than before. He saw two sharp pointy ears on the shadow, even more scary. Mouse instantly dashed and seeked shelter in an empty discarded in the alley. Mouse shivered so much that even the cup itself started shaking.

Mouse regretted not listening to what his parents say:Do not walk alone in a dark alley.

creative writing 2
One of my earliest memories was lying in a light blue net-like crib with my grandmother playing with me. She had wrinkles on her forehead, not as much as now, and curly jet-black hair on her. She was wearing an orange shirt with flowers on it and-and shorts which are blue, with flowers on them. She held the lego piece and gently put it in my hands.Her voice was raspy but nice and soothing like a warm hug. I used to play with my younger brother in my parent’s bedroom. It smelt of the strong perfume that my mother would use. My younger brother and I will jump up and down on my parents bed, and hit each other with pillows. The bed was soft and springy, which we would jump on. My bed would be the colour of dark oak wood while my brother’s bed would be made out of wood, with a stark white painting. Our beds would be arranged in an “L” shape with our parents bed, just right beside ours. My father’s study room was cluttered with many objects and smelt like an office. The floor was smooth, and there was only one office chair, with a desk littered with pencils and pens. These are my earliest memories.

Creative Writing Task 1 and 2 by Ria

Creative Writing 1  (Ria):

One of my earliest memories has a lot to do with my grandfather. His hair silver and rough. His wrinkly hand stroking my soft, black hair. as he took me on strolls at the nearby park. He’d smile at everything I said.
         I remember my mother bringing me to the swimming complex often. I had stepped in the pool slowly, feeling the cold water against my skin and watch as goosebumps formed. I’d breathe in the hot afternoon air and grin widely.
         I used to sit on the cold, hard floor of my living room and hear the television blasting with words I did not recognize. I still remember the rainy nights in my cluttered and messy bedroom and how my grandmother would sing me bedtime lullabies while sitting on the edge of the bed, sipping on hot chocolate.

         These are all I remember of my childhood days.

Creative Writing 2 (Ria):
The street was empty and dark. It was late. It’s walls filled with graffiti. Beer cans littered the gravel path which lay before Erin. “I’ll be okay. It’s just me here anyway” she told herself, feeling much braver.
         As she continued walking, Erin suddenly felt the presence of someone else. She heard footsteps. She froze not knowing who was around. Her heart palpitated and she started to sweat. She decided to continue walking and told herself that she was hallucinating.
         She heard the footsteps getting louder and quicker. Erin knew someone was near, she was sure of it. The lights from the street lights started to dim. Erin ran as fast as she could, dropping her bad while doing so. Minutes later she stopped realising she did not know where she was. She then climbed a small tree she saw in the distance. Her skin itched and the mosquitoes made her condition worse.
         Erin wished she had gone home earlier and had not spent so much time at the party.

Creative Writing Task 1 And 2 Tan Jing Yu 22

Creative Writing Task 1

          One of my earliest memories, are watching my grandaunt cook, she was a kind and caring lady, when I was younger, she took great care of me when my parents were away at work. She had a very gentle and kind voice, her smile was sweet, revealing her dentures underneath, she had dark brown eyes, much like her hair which shared the same color when she was younger, now her hair has turned white, which is tied into a straight ponytail.

            I recall that when i was younger, my grandaunt would bring me to the neighbourhood park to play, I was always very fond of the park, when we reached, we could smell the freshness of the air, there was also the distinctive aroma of fruits growing on the trees, the sound of the crickets never left until today, the park was not very well maintained, the playground was often rusted, the swing set broken apart, but the one thing that stood out, besides the incredibly rough ground, was a basketball hoop, the first time I saw it, I was puzzled, wondering what this tall pole with a big board at the top was.

           I used to live in a semi-detached flat with my grandparents, there was not much to do there as a child, my grandparents only own one old television set, which they always used to watch Chinese documentary channels, now that they are old, the volume would often be cranked to max, flooding the house with Chinese dialogue, another thing that flooded the house was the mouth-watering aroma of my grandaunt's cooking, which tastes as good as it smells.
           These are my earliest memories.

Creative Writing Task 2  

    The dimly lit street lay before him, the normally busy and noisy street, became eerily quiet, too quiet, only the sound of crickets could be heard,by him as he walked along the street. This was routine for him, as he walked down this street late at night everyday to return home. The wind occasionally blew by, rustling the trees around him, sending more leaves down from the trees, the street was covered with fallen leaves and twigs, which crackled with each step he took.
    "Another boring day at work" he never cared about the scary looking street, as he had walked along this street many times before, in the dark.
    As he continued down the street, the wind had stopped blowing, making it dead quiet along the street, at that moment, the crackling of the dead leaves and twigs under his feet was the only sound heard, then, he stopped to check the time, it was twelve midnight when he herd rustling coming from the trees, it sounded like the wind was blowing, but the air was still. He looked up and saw two evil, hungry looking eyes, before they disappeared behind the tree, he rubbed his eyes and told himself, that he is imagining things as he was so tired, he quickened his footsteps while having the image of the eyes in his mind.
    The faster he walked, it was as if every single step he took, made the noise faster, more frequent, the more he thought, the more eyes there were, appearing on the trees, he turned his head to look away, and there they were again, those eyes. He was sweating, he felt his breathing getting heavier, it was like someone had put a bag over his head, suffocating him, he decided to start running back, the more he ran, the more he felt like the eyes were chasing him.
    He wanted to scream for help, but he just could not, his lungs were about to implode. It was then that he finally reached home, how he wished, that he had taken a cab instead.

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Creative Writing task 1 and 2 by Sarah Fareed Kagda

Creative writing one

One of my earliest memories includes my mother. I was throwing a tantrum, and she had to calm me down. She sat me on her lap, and her eyes crinkled into a smile. I noticed the faded patch on her face, which was due to a mistake in the pigmentation of the skin on her face. I calmed down a little bit but kept screaming. She sat me down and hushed me until I stopped crying. Then I played with her little ponytail and tugged at her Homer Simpson T-shirt and jeans.

I used to play at a nearby playground all the time. I would always climb the little rock climbing mountain and stand on top in victory. Then I would slide down the slide. It was always an adventure. Sometimes I would play with my sisters and pretend we were other people, famous explorers, movie start, crazy animals even. We would have called it "acting" bit we also liked to imagine to be very cool actors sometimes. Whatever it was, I always enjoyed myself, listening to us laugh together.

In my house, there was a porch. It had tall towering towers to support it. Sometimes my sisters and I would put out our small tea table, and they would challenge me to climb op one. They could not do it, so they were empty challenges. Whenever I reached the top, I would smell the flowers, the dust the grass, and the silence I would never hear again.

That was the most peaceful it ever got.

Creative writing two

The park lay before him. It usually stretched out into an endless green sea, but now it was dark, it looked like a black hole, the trees twisted shadows looming over him. He was not afraid. He welcomed the sight with open paws even, enjoying the silence. He loved to hang out at places like these; the silence always seemed like home.

He heard a twig snap. Whipping around warily, he thought about how there had been rumours of dogs lurking around the area. He, of course, had ignored them. He was not afraid of dogs. Seeing no evil being, not even a single twig behind him with his advanced night vision, he carried on. “ I could take on a dog,” he yelled into nothing in particular. It came out as a squeak. The night seemed different now. The wind raged, and there appeared to be a dog housed in every dark tree, waiting to jump out.

He heard the wind whispering to him. Another twig snapped. It felt like a whole tree had been broken into two halves. “….” the wind belted out as if challenging fate to rid this cat from the world. He shivered. Then a furry tail flashed by.It seemed fate had accepted. The panic sprang to his legs. He stumbled clumsily, very much unlike a cat, and climbed a tree, the fear consuming him while he camouflaged with its black leaves. He breathed heavily.

He would have to find a new place to hangout.

creative writing task 1/2

creative writing 1
one of my earliest memories was when my grandma took care of me. she had brown hair and her fringe combed upwards and her face was smooth without wrinkles. she usually wore very nice clothes that looked very expensive but was very cheap. she has a very loud voice. she would bring me around to shop or eat very nice food.
   I used to play at the playground near the void deck. I would always run towards the pole and climb it. I would always see people playing soccer in the field. I would hear children laughing, screaming and running around the playground. I would usually join them and run around screaming.
   I lived in a four-room flat since only my parent and grandpa and I lived there, we knock down a room for bigger living room space. the big space would usually be my play area. I would always build my lego there or sit there and draw random things. near dinner time,  I would hear my grandpa cooking and the smell would drift through the air in my home.
   these are the memories that cannot be taken away.

creative writing 2
   the park lay before him. the dimly lit up park with some overgrown bushes shot an eerie looked up but there was nothing, this send goosebumps over his body. as he continued, there was more rustling of leaves, and a half eaten fruit dropped in front of him. John’s lip started to turn dry and he started to curl down a bit and quicken his pace.
a shadow loomed over John down from the trees. it had four limbs and a long tail. he stop and his imagination ran wild thinking of the horror movie he watched. the shadow moved a bit, then it started to make a chittering sound. the hair on his neck stood up, he panic and trembled
   he closed his eyes and broke into a run trying not to think about it.feeling through john. he took a deep breath before stepping into the park. trees loomed over him as if wanting to grab him. “I been through a haunted house, this is nothing,” john told himself
   as john walked through the park, he taught he heard some leaves rustling above him. he
looked up but there was nothing, this send goosebumps over his body. as he continued, there was more rustling of leaves, and a half eaten fruit dropped in front of him. John’s lip started to turn dry and he started to curl down a bit and quicken his pace.
a shadow loomed over John down from the trees. it had four limbs and a long tail. he stop and his imagination ran wild thinking of the horror movie he watched. the shadow moved a bit, then it started to make a chittering sound. the hair on his neck stood up, he panic and trembled
   he closed his eyes and broke into a run trying not to think about it.

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Creative Writing Task 1 and 2 by Eldon Ng

Eldon Ng (10)

                                              Creative Writing Task 1

                  One of my earliest memories was my dad.  He looked very happy, he was not wearing any shirt.  He had short hair and brown eyes.  He sounded so loving and caring.  My dad was patting me on my head, it felt so warm.  I then slowly dozed off.
                  The place I used to play was the playground below my house.  It looked very bright in colour.  I can hear birds chirping whenever I go to the playground.  Although I do not go there anymore, I will always remember the fun I had when I was playing there.
                   The place I used to live was a HDB flat.  Mt study table was red in colour, very big.  The table was very smooth.  I would often even fall asleep while doing my work on my study table.  I would always miss my study table.

                                              Creative Writing Task 1

                      The park lay before him. The sky was getting darker every minute.  Dead leaves started to fall in the strong and dustling wind.  He said to himself, " This will not scare me at all, this will only make me braver."
                      He saw a shadow following him.  His heart was beating faster and faster, his palms turning sweaty.  He turned back to confront the shadow, but there was nobody there!  He quickened his pace, sweat dripping down his face.  The shadow appeared again, bigger, closer and following it was another shadow.  It seemed a little smaller, but still very scary.  He could hear the dead leaves falling on the ground in the strong and dustling wind.  He started to sprint.  Suddenly, he tripped over his own untied shoe lace and fell to the ground, he panicked, he laid on the ground with his eyes shut tightly.  He laid still on the ground, while urine was flowing down from his pants.
                      And he wished he listened to his parents: not to go home through the shortcut in the park.

Creative Writing Task 1 and 2 by Christopher (9)

Creative Writing Task 1

One of my earliest memories was when I was a young toddler, who could only crawl around and loved to smile. My dear old grandmother would use her arms and carry me by the waist to show me the fishes in the aquarium. She always seemed to be stuffing something into her pockets. The orange scaled fishes would stare at me with bubbles coming out of their mouths.
    The place I used to play was at the playground just under my house block. My grandfather, who had yellow teeth, would frequently bring me there to play. I would crawl up the slides but lose my grip and slide down. I could feel the breeze of the wind gently blowing against my soft, tender face.
    Near my block, there was a badminton court. During the weekends, especially in the afternoons, I would be crawling to my grandparents while crying out loudly. My grandparents would sing me a lullaby that was calming and soothing. Soon I would start to yawn and fall asleep.

    These memories were one of the most memorable memories.

Creative Writing Task 2

It was a dark late evening. Elizabeth was walking home from her piano lesson. She decided to take a shortcut by walking through the park. The lamp post lights flickered and the pine trees seemed to move side to side to say hello. As Elizabeth walked, the gentle wind grew stronger. The benches started to give out a creaking sound. Elizabeth put her hands in her pockets and continued to walk forward with quickened steps. “This is nothing to fear,” Elizabeth said to herself.
    At this moment, Elizabeth thought she saw a figure went past her. With widened eyes, she turned behind to see that there was nothing but a twig on the ground. She also realised that the lights stopped flickering, and the benches did not make any creaking noises anymore. Elizabeth felt a cold wind blew against her face, she turned around and saw that the lights were flickering. She quickened her steps while clenching her fist in her pockets,
    The wind began to blow harder and harder; the trees started to sway faster and faster. The rattling of leaves and the howling of the wind became louder each second.  Elizabeth had a sense that someone or something was following her. Her heart started to beat faster; sweat was rolling down her face. She ran. She kept running forward, not even wanting to look back.
    Elizabeth regretted. She was always warned never to go walking through the park in the evening. She wished she had listened.

Creative Writing Tasks 1 and 2 by Lucas Tan (23)

Creative Writing Task 1

  One of my earliest memories was my mother. She was a short woman with a serious face and always types feverishly on the computer whenever you see her. She has long, straight hair and has a very stern yet caring voice. I remember once that when I went to the room when my mother was holding a private meeting over the phone when I walked into the room, she will chase me out since she was very busy.

  The place, it had cleaned, shiny floors and a comfortable, black leather couch with a full-screen television set and multiple stacks of toy boxes. As I picked up the green coloured soldier. And stacked my massive empire of battle tanks and choppers. The place was where I played with my lovable teddy bear and my animal toys. "Lucas! Keep your toys, it's time to eat!" my mother shouted. In a flash, I stacked back my toys and ran out of the living room to the dining table.

  The brightly lighted bathroom, the place where you could smell the aroma of the shampoo and soap.The place where you could find a shiny and pearly white toilet bowl, the strong minty smell of the "Colgate" toothpaste and the stainless steel shower head and the dripping tap. This place is no other than the bathroom.

  These are my earliest memories.

Creative Writing Task 2

  The dark and ghostly alleyway lay before him. It was dimly lighted by the streetlamp that stood admist the darkness. The silence was still and cold. The ghostly wind chimed the old bells nearby. "Bah humbug! There's no ghost!" Tim stood up a brave front and strided calmly through the dark alleyway. Tim made a bet with his friend to go into the dark alleyway.

  Suddenly, the streetlamp fused and in flash, darkness had engulfed the entire alleyway. Suddenly, a glinting pair of saucer-wide eyes glowed upon the moonlight. Then, there were more eyes cautiosly  approaching him, closer and close. Then, Tim felt something furry nudging his foot. Tim quickened his pae as his heart was palpitating. His face was as white as a sheet as he carried on. Terror gripped the poor boy like a vince grip. 

  Then, the streetlamp came back on and a lenghty animal-figured shadow was observed. The streetlamp then went out. It was followed by a thumping of loud footsteps and a long scratching sound. The "thing" was nearby. Tim could feel his gut feeling tell him so. Tim's legs instantaneously took flight and scooted off like a terrified mouse. Run, like the wind he did as he escaped the deadly clutches of the sinister alleyway and its eyeballed minions.

  Tim trembled and wished he had listened to his friends who had warned him: Never go walking in the drak alleyway after dark.

Creative Writing Tasks 1 and 2 by Keith Tan (24)

Creative writing task 1
         One of my earliest memories is my kindergarten teacher, Mdm Nadya. She was quite chubby and mostly wore black clothes, her voice was strict yet gentle. She always brings us out for a short learning journey.
         I remember that I would always go to the playground near my house to play, there is a blue plastic mountain that was twice my height at that time, I would climb up and down a lot before pretending to drive a car with the plastic steering wheel attached to the playground
         The place I used to live in was a flat, I remember spending my carefree life at that time watching television, the kitchen was another place I would go to every other moment to check if there were fruits, however, during the night, the kitchen was dark and scary and I would make an extra effort to avoid it.
         These are my earliest memories of my childhood.
Creative writing task 2
         The street lay before Larry, it was late at night and the only light came from the dim street lights, he was working overtime and only managed to proceed home at this late at night. I walk on this street all the time, nothing could possibly hurt me, Larry thought in the dead silence of the night.
         Suddenly, Out of the corner of his eye, he thought he saw something scampering, rustling dry leaves as it ran, his palms grew sweaty as he scanned his surroundings, but found nothing. Larry quickened his pace, telling himself not to start imagining things.
         The scampering grew louder as Larry started to walk even faster, as he walked, the rustling of leaves grew. With sweat starting to form, he ran, he ran as fast as he possibly go and found a safe spot in a void deck of a nearby building, light enveloped him as he managed to reach the void deck safely, still trembling.
         Oh how he wished he did not decide to work overtime.

Creative Writing Tasks 1 and 2 by Kinjal Agarwal (02)

Creative writing task 1

One of my earliest memories was of my father. He was half bold. He had some hair at the back of his head but was bald in front. 50% of his hair was white too. He also had a big round face which reminded me of my grandfather. He had a fat stomach. He always wore formal clothes such as pants and shirts. His voice was also very low. He also always used to take me out for dinner every weekend.
   One of my earliest memories of where I used to play was the ‘West Coast Park’ as I lived right across it. After school, I would go there with my friends and my helper. There was a pyramid there, made up of ropes, where I always used to climb. I was very fun as we would compete who gets to the top the fastest. There were also flying foxes, where we used to push each other to and fro. It was just too fun.
One of my earliest memories of where I used to live was a condominium. It was a three bedroom house. The place I loved the most was my room, which I used to share with my two elder sisters. We all shared that small room and fitted our clothes in that small wardrobe. We all slept together also. It was a pleasant experience when I smelled the cookies kept there.  
These were my earliest memories.

Creative writing task 2

The dark, deserted alley lay before her. Jessica was coming back from her swimming lesson. She was too tired to take the long but safe way. Instead, she walked through the short cut. It was desolated as nobody was seen walking there. It was pitch black. No lamp posts were seen either. She could hear nothing but the rustling of the wind. She was brave and confident and told herself that she would not be scared.
Over her shoulder, Jessica thought she heard a short and faint flattering sound. She immediately turned back, but it had vanished. Jessica shook as a shiver ran down her spine. She broke down in cold sweat
The sound got louder and more frightening. It felt as though it was coming closer. Jessica blinked her eyes continuously. Then, she flipped herself again, and as soon as she turned, the sound stopped again. Jessica stood froze to the ground. After a few seconds, she started to run around the ally. Jessica looked around for a place to hide. Then, she sneaked behind the tree. Perspiration beaded her forehead as she gave out a short vail.
“Oh, I should have listened to my mother come te long way instead!” Jessica cried.

Creative Writing Task 1 and 2 by Oh Jun Rong (21)

Creative task 1:
      One of my earliest memories is my mother. She had long flowing hair that would always be carried by the wind, she had always liked to wear a blue T-Shirt with a picture of a cat on it, and she also liked to wear dark blue jeans

      I used to play at the playground near my house. I can remember trying to reach the monkey bars, but I could never reach it. I also remember the races that I had with my friend trying to climb the blue slide from the ground to the upper platform of the playground. I can also remember the strong curry scent which seemed to come from the second level of the flat nearby.

      I can remember I used to live on the fourth level of a flat. I can remember the small little sofa which had a spiral design on it and the various holes it had. I can also remember the big box which was the television I would be able to hear the reverberating of bells from the primary school nearby at every half an hour that has passed.

     These are the moments that has been etched deeply into my mind.

Creative task 2:
      The park lay before him. Bushes were scattered sporadically in the park, with trees as tall as street lamps dotted around the park in a symmetrical fashion. "This is not as bad as what other people has told me," he told himself.

      As he walked through the park, he heard a distinct rustling of leaves from a bush behind him. This sound was not like something he has heard before and the strangest thing was that there was no wind blowing through the park. He turned to see what it was; only silence can be heard. As he looked around his surroundings, cold sweat started to trickle down his face, and a cold chill went down his spine. He then quickened his pace, and he told himself that he should walk faster.

     Suddenly, he heard the sound again; he quickly turned around to see what it was, which he soon regretted. He saw a shadow of an enormous beast holding something. Fear started to engulf him and thoughts of what this beast could be drifted through his mind like dandelion clocks. He did not know what to do; he could not think straight. Soon, the shadow started to move a bit; he then took to his heels instinctively, and he ran for the hills. He then began to look a for a hiding spot while he was running. He saw a bush, and he jumped right into it, and he curled himself and hid there.

     As he sat there he wished that he would have listened to his mother: do not walk through the park after dark.

Creative Writing Task 2 By Tan Ray Shyuan (7)

      The dark, deserted park lay before her… Kendra was walking wearily back homr afteran exhausting day in school. The crackled under her feet,  the sky was no longer bright as night grew. “ Argh! How tiring and boring today is”, Kendra remarked.
     “Click...Clark…” The sound of footsteps could be heard behind Kendra, she got startled and became more and more wary of her surrounding. As she walked, the sounds of footsteps grew louder and louder. Kendra braced herself for the wort and turned around; however, nothing could be seen, It sent shivers down her spine and she quickened her pace.
      Suddenly, the sound of footsteps became quicker and louder. Kendra ran as fast as lightning, nothing could calm her down. Kendra panicked, she could not think of a place to hide, then, Kendra spotted a playground. Out of misery, she hid in the playground tunnel.

      “Young girl! Your wallet has dropped!” a man called. Kendra turned around, feeling silly and puzzled. She then took the wallet from his hand and thanked him profusely.

Creative Writing Task 1 By Tan Ray Shyuan (7)

    One of my memories would be her sister, i remember her sitting down elegantly with her long legs she had a small face with a small mouth, and was wearing her all time favourite purple blouse.

   A place that I used to play would be the playground just below my flat, the playground was not big, in fact it was small.  I remember hearing the excited voices of my cousins and sister as we played there.

 I used to live in my 5-room  Housing Development Board, flat. My home was cozy, however, I would often hear the loud whistling of the Mass Rapid Transit just beside my late. The computer room would be the area that I spent my time as our cousins and my sister will play there together.
 These are my earliest memories.

Valerie Tan (6) English diagnostic test essay

Creative writing task 1

My Earliest Memories
      One of my earliest memories is my mother and I in our living room listening to nursery songs from the CD player. My mother laid a mattress on the floor and we were jumping up and down to the beat of the song. I remember my mother with her short hair pulled back with a headband and wearing a pink t-shirt. Her face was brimming with happiness every time she took time from her busy schedule to play with me.
      The place I used to play was my living room. There was nothing special about my living room. The only thing that was special was the fond memories there. It was where I had ‘playdates’ with my neighbours and where my mother and I played. Sometimes the ordinary sofa would become a great ship in my imagination, and I would sail the seven seas, going on great adventures.
     The place where I lived was a small apartment in ShangHai. I remember a narrow corridor that lead from the front door to the living room. Being so small, the smell of food always filled the whole apartment whenever my mother whipped up a delicious meal. There was a playground downstairs, and the sounds of children’s laughter echoed through the house

    Those were my fondest memories

Creative writing task 2
    The gloomy street lay before Joy. The street lamp flickered in the in the darkness. The street was in complete darkness except for the flickering street lamps and the reflection of the moonlight glittering in the puddles along the street. The wind howled and muffled the sound of her footsteps against the hard cement pavement. The violent wind shook the trees, scattering its leaves all around. Joy stuffed her hands deep into her pocket, shuddering at the eerieness of the lonely street, and repeatedly telling herself that there was nothing to be afraid of.
    The dim light shone through one of the windows of the old buildings that stretched across the street. All the houses seemed abandoned and deserted except for the rickety old house. The light emitting from that window cast a patch of light against the wall of a dark alleyway. Joy quickened his pace as thoughts of what lurked in the dark alleyway. Just as Joy had managed to convince herself that there was nothing there, a loud creak and groan came from the alley. Joy froze in fear as her heart palpitated rapidly. She turned her head to face the alley when she saw a large shadow cast upon the wall.
    The shadow was big and scary. The shadow seemed like a monster, ready to eat Joy up. Joy was rooted to the ground as her imagination ran wild, thoughts of how the ‘hideous monster’ would look. With sharp ears upon its head and a long tail that looked like a whip. Fear seemed to be twining around her nervous system. She wanted to run, but her legs seemed like it was glued to the floor. The shadow suddenly moved, letting out a loud bang as the creature crashed into a pile of boxes. Joy jumped up in utter shock and started to run, not knowing where.
    The once brave girl was now reduced to a withering coward, running away from a shadow.

Saffron Lim (04) Creative Writing Task

Creative Writing Task 1

One of my earliest memories was of my father. Back then, he still had hair. He looked quite funny with his hair grown short, or maybe it was just that I’m used to seeing him bald. His face was usually shaved but with just a hint of stubble below his chin. He always wore simple clothes, a white Adidas shirt and a pair of black Adidas shorts.
    The place I used to play at was the playground right outside my flat, with its bright orange slide and a short, white wall made of some stone going around it. There was also a small hill next to the playground, with exercise equipment at the top. My friends and I would always balance on the roots of the many trees growing on the hill, arms outstretched and pretending that the ground was made of lava.
    I used to live in a three-room flat. The walls of the second bedroom were lined with bookshelves, and the afternoon sunlight filtered through the small windows at the side of the wall. There was a small desk in the room, with many papers and pens piled messily on top. The room smelled musty and of old books and there were many nooks and crannies in that room, created by the boxes piled on the floor.
    Those were some of my earliest memories. Of course, I had many more, but these were the few that I could find in the huge memory bank that was my mind.


Creative Writing Task 2

The deserted street lay before her, devoid of people and vehicles. A small breeze disturbed a piece of paper that lay on the dirty pavement. She drew her coat tighter around herself and looked wearily around. The streetlights were dim and one in the distance flickered before it went out. She heard a series of soft footsteps, barely audible, behind her and she quickened her pace. “It's nothing, you’re imagining things, nothing is going to happen to you,” she whispered quietly to herself.
    She turned around and saw a dark, fleeting shadow of what looked like a person walking into the alley. She froze for an instant and started to back away. She tripped over her own feet and fell to the rough concrete beneath her. She scrambled to her feet and felt her heart rate increase tenfold.
    She heard the footsteps again, but this time, they were louder. Not daring to look back, she walked even faster, hoping to get away from the person behind her. She could smell a faint whiff of cologne. She heard the blood pounding in her ears, and she ran. She ran like she was being chased by a cheetah, her trench coat flying behind her like a cape.
    As she ran, she wished she had taken up her classmate’s parent’s offer to drive her home, for who knew what dangers lay in the dark streets of Saint Andreas.

Ryan Li 19 S103 Creative writing task.


  One of my earliest memories was about my father. He was slightly skinnier then but still held the same solid built body as today. His face was round, a smile plastered on his lips. His hair was combed to his left side, covering his bald spot. He wore a black shirt that was slighly tight, showing most of his muscles. He rubbed my head affectionately as he walked out the to go for a run.“Be good " he said in his deep voice.
  Early on in life, play was constantly on my mind. One of my favourite places to play was the playground outside my kindergarten. At the far corner of the playground, there were balancing beams. Many times I have tripped over those beams while running away from the catcher when we were playing tag. Many times more I had fallen off them myself and injured myself. At the other end of the playground, there was a seesaw. At times when I was lonely,  I would sit on one side and think. Back then, my greatest companion was my own mind.
  In my house, a long corridor connected my bedroom, bathroom, the study room and the master bedroom. As my feet moved on the cold marble floor, fingers rubbing against the walls on either side of me, I recalled my earlier memories of running through this hallway because I did not want to ingest my medicine, thus, my parents had to chase me to make me take my medicine. The hallway always smelt like soap and water and sometimes perfume.“Tick-Tock" the clock went as it counted down the time.
  How long will I remember these beautiful moments? How long before I forget everything? Only time will tell......


  The empty sidewalk lay before him, stretching a long way before disappearing from view. The smell of water vapour clung heavily to the misty air before Nathan. Oh, how he wished he did not have his tuition at such a late hour when even ghosts took their sleep. The moon was full that night, casting an eerie glow on everything.“Don't worry, " Nathan said to himself.“ You've walked through scarier places in your life."
  Suddenly, a small “Whoosh" went through the air behind Nathan. He turned to confront the creature that went by, but he saw only darkness behind him. Nathan's heart skipped a beat as he considered what the noise could mean.“Stop imagining things!" He told himself sternly. He then quickened his pace hoping that he would not get another scare.
  without any warning, a big shadow moved across Nathan's field of vision. Then another, another and another. All of a sudden, fast- moving large shadows were all around him. Then,  his leg acted before his mind could. Nathan ran flat out, he knew not where. Being fear- driven, Nathan did not look back as he sprinted until he was nearly out of energy. He came to rest under a lamp- post, hoping that the light it was giving out would keep those monsters at bay.
  Again, oh how Nathan wished he did not have his tuition at such a late hour, where these monsters roamed the streets.

Jasper Yong 14 S103

One of my earliest memories was of my mother carrying me as swept her short dark locks to the side, singing quietly in her sweet voice while she pats my back, trying to help me to sleep. She was wearing baby blue pajamas as she cradled me in her hands, letting me sleep soundly.

The place I used to play was the playground downstairs my house, the screeching of cars heard in the distance, the sound of small children like me shouting with glee as we slid down the slides, the smell of exhaust filling the air. The bright colours of the playground enticed me to play more, making it harder to go home.
This was the place I used to play

The place I used to live was an HDB flat, the large dining room leading to the hallway that connects the 4 corners of the house together. The creepy storeroom, a place with flickering lights, a place my sisters and I dared not venture to, and our room, a colourful place that smelled of candy and where sounds of laughter could often be heard from, the storeroom was the opposite, however, smelling of rusty metal and dusty toys.
This was the place I used to live.

The carpark lay before him, the lights flickering, the old, slightly cracked cement walls dark, and quiet. The lack of cars slightly disturbing as the musky smell of dust rolled over him. He smirked, and took a step forward, clutching his books, his arms relaxed”it’s just a car park.”Gohan thought to himself.
       A slight “woosh…” of wind sent shivers down his spine as he thought he saw a long dark shadow on the cracked cement floor. When he turned around, his feet scratching against the pavement, he saw that there was nothing there except the heavy smell of dust assaulting his nostrils. He turned and started walking again, faster, his feet tapping against the stone floor as he clutched his phone tighter. He thought to himself optimistically,”it’s just my imagination.”
      He turned again and saw the shadow growing longer, the smell of sweat entering his nose as he felt a slight tingle of something, or someone touching his back. His eyes widened as the shadow moved slightly. He panicked as he hugged his books closely to his chest and he ran against the concrete floor, trembling as his feet pounded against the floor, out of the carpark, onto the sidewalk. He saw his tuition centre as he breathed a sigh of relief.

Creative Writing Task 1 and 2 by Isaac Chng 13

Gavin Tay Creative Writing Task 1&2

Task 1-
          One of my earliest childhood memories......I remember my mother's almond shaped eyes,black flowing hair,soft and melodious voice.I can remember how she washes the dishes in a clockwise manner.She often wore pink clothes and loved to shop.She had rosy cheeks and black eyes.

          One of my earliest childhood memories......I remember the playground that was recently built.I could smell freshly coated paint and the playground was a blur of colours.I remember swinging from the swings and climbing monkey bars.I remember seeing my neighbourhood friends and we would play dodgeball and catching.I remember playing soccer and blind mice.I remember the smooth texture from the slide.

          One of my earliest childhood memories...I remember the smell of scrambled eggs coming from the kitchen.I remember the kuvino's fruit juice machine and air fryer.I remember eating sausages,scrambled eggs and hash brown.I remember the crispy hash brown's delicious taste.I remember my family sitting together,laughing at lame jokes while eating breakfast.I remember my brother's sly smile when he tried to steal my hash brown.

          These are my earliest childhood memories.

Task 2-
          The street layed before her...Charmaine was walking home from her tuition centre when she decided to take a shortcut.The gustling wind brushed past her and she shivered."I'm not afraid of the dark."Charmaine told herself.

          Charmaine thought she had seen a pair of small beady eyes looking at her from behind her shoulder.She turned to face them,but they disappeared.Her blood turned cold and she quickened her pace.Then,she thought she had seen a shadow vanish in front of her.She froze,paralysed with terror.

          Her hands started to feel clammy and her teeth chattered

          The eyes seemed to multiply and the shadows seemed bigger.When the cloud covered up the moon,Charmaine felt like she was enveloped in a blanket of darkness.Charmaine quickly dashed to a shopping centre.On her way there,she stumbled and fell.

          Charmaine wished she had heeded her mother's advise and not take any shortcut.

Diagnostic essay. Ryan Li 19 S103

Write about the time when you received your PSLE results and found out that you can get into SST
Everyday I sit down at my desk here at SST, I remember how lucky I was to have gotten into this school. As my first period Math teacher starts droning on about algebraic expressions, my mind drifts back to the day I received that message from my mother about my PSLE scores. That every same day, I found out I could finally fulfil my dream of going into SST. This is the story of the happiest day of my life so far….
Wearily, my eyelids peeled from my eyes, dumping me out of my well-earned, beautiful sleep and left me staring into semi-dark hotel room that was lit at one side because my roommate could not sleep without a light. Slowly my muddled mind cleared, as I sat up. I reached under my pillow to look at my small digital clock. ‘6.00a.m’ it had read. 6 hours to D-day. I flipped my legs over the bed as soundlessly as possible.  I stood up, grabbed my swimming trunks and went to the bathroom to put it on. When I came back to my room, my roommate, Alden was awake and watching TV. My competitive swimming club and I were at Kunming for high-altitude training. We were separated into rooms. We had to share that same room with another person from the club.  “Ready for another day of hard training?” I asked Alden. “Ready!” He replied. 
Soon, we both had changed into our swimming trunks and had put on our winter clothes. Then we went downstairs to join our club mates for a hearty breakfast. Once breakfast was devoured. I looked at by watch again. “8.30am”, it had read. Four and half hours more till I received my PSLE results. We were soon making our way to the swimming complex for a hellish training session. Our coach barked out instructions in Chinese as we swarm. Three hours, 6 km later, we tiredly got out of the pool and showered, all while complaining about aches in our body. I checked my watch again. “12pm.” It read. One more hour to D-day hour. Not long after, we made our way to our restaurant to have lunch. Big steaming delicious plates of food already awaited us as we tucked in like wolves. But I could not enjoy the food. My restless mind was counting down the last minutes to the message that held my hope and dreams. My stomach was too restless. It could not stop churning. My heart quickened as I considered what would happen if I had gotten low PSLE scores. “Would SST still accept me? Would I be at Fairfield forever? Will I fail and have to retake my PSLE?” My mind kept on churning out possibilities. 
“Vrmmm!” My phone vibrated in my pocket.With shaking hands, I took it out from my pocket and shakily typed in the passcode. More possibilities struck me as the phone unlocked. I flipped it over hastily, not wanting to see what score I  recieved and to prepare myself for the worst.Bracing myself, I flipped the phone over. Relief flodded through me as I looked at the score, what followed could only be described as true happiness. “240“ the text read. “Yes! I fulfilled my dream of going to SST!

“Ryan! Answer the question!“ My math teachers’ voice voice broke my flow of memories. I looked at the teacher, dumbstruck. The teacher shook her head and carried on teaching. “Now I just have to stay there.“ I thought to myself as I listened whole heartedly to the teacher.