Friday, 29 January 2016

Creative Writing Tasks 1 and 2 by Lucas Tan (23)

Creative Writing Task 1

  One of my earliest memories was my mother. She was a short woman with a serious face and always types feverishly on the computer whenever you see her. She has long, straight hair and has a very stern yet caring voice. I remember once that when I went to the room when my mother was holding a private meeting over the phone when I walked into the room, she will chase me out since she was very busy.

  The place, it had cleaned, shiny floors and a comfortable, black leather couch with a full-screen television set and multiple stacks of toy boxes. As I picked up the green coloured soldier. And stacked my massive empire of battle tanks and choppers. The place was where I played with my lovable teddy bear and my animal toys. "Lucas! Keep your toys, it's time to eat!" my mother shouted. In a flash, I stacked back my toys and ran out of the living room to the dining table.

  The brightly lighted bathroom, the place where you could smell the aroma of the shampoo and soap.The place where you could find a shiny and pearly white toilet bowl, the strong minty smell of the "Colgate" toothpaste and the stainless steel shower head and the dripping tap. This place is no other than the bathroom.

  These are my earliest memories.

Creative Writing Task 2

  The dark and ghostly alleyway lay before him. It was dimly lighted by the streetlamp that stood admist the darkness. The silence was still and cold. The ghostly wind chimed the old bells nearby. "Bah humbug! There's no ghost!" Tim stood up a brave front and strided calmly through the dark alleyway. Tim made a bet with his friend to go into the dark alleyway.

  Suddenly, the streetlamp fused and in flash, darkness had engulfed the entire alleyway. Suddenly, a glinting pair of saucer-wide eyes glowed upon the moonlight. Then, there were more eyes cautiosly  approaching him, closer and close. Then, Tim felt something furry nudging his foot. Tim quickened his pae as his heart was palpitating. His face was as white as a sheet as he carried on. Terror gripped the poor boy like a vince grip. 

  Then, the streetlamp came back on and a lenghty animal-figured shadow was observed. The streetlamp then went out. It was followed by a thumping of loud footsteps and a long scratching sound. The "thing" was nearby. Tim could feel his gut feeling tell him so. Tim's legs instantaneously took flight and scooted off like a terrified mouse. Run, like the wind he did as he escaped the deadly clutches of the sinister alleyway and its eyeballed minions.

  Tim trembled and wished he had listened to his friends who had warned him: Never go walking in the drak alleyway after dark.

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