Friday, 29 January 2016

Creative Writing Task 1 and 2 by Christopher (9)

Creative Writing Task 1

One of my earliest memories was when I was a young toddler, who could only crawl around and loved to smile. My dear old grandmother would use her arms and carry me by the waist to show me the fishes in the aquarium. She always seemed to be stuffing something into her pockets. The orange scaled fishes would stare at me with bubbles coming out of their mouths.
    The place I used to play was at the playground just under my house block. My grandfather, who had yellow teeth, would frequently bring me there to play. I would crawl up the slides but lose my grip and slide down. I could feel the breeze of the wind gently blowing against my soft, tender face.
    Near my block, there was a badminton court. During the weekends, especially in the afternoons, I would be crawling to my grandparents while crying out loudly. My grandparents would sing me a lullaby that was calming and soothing. Soon I would start to yawn and fall asleep.

    These memories were one of the most memorable memories.

Creative Writing Task 2

It was a dark late evening. Elizabeth was walking home from her piano lesson. She decided to take a shortcut by walking through the park. The lamp post lights flickered and the pine trees seemed to move side to side to say hello. As Elizabeth walked, the gentle wind grew stronger. The benches started to give out a creaking sound. Elizabeth put her hands in her pockets and continued to walk forward with quickened steps. “This is nothing to fear,” Elizabeth said to herself.
    At this moment, Elizabeth thought she saw a figure went past her. With widened eyes, she turned behind to see that there was nothing but a twig on the ground. She also realised that the lights stopped flickering, and the benches did not make any creaking noises anymore. Elizabeth felt a cold wind blew against her face, she turned around and saw that the lights were flickering. She quickened her steps while clenching her fist in her pockets,
    The wind began to blow harder and harder; the trees started to sway faster and faster. The rattling of leaves and the howling of the wind became louder each second.  Elizabeth had a sense that someone or something was following her. Her heart started to beat faster; sweat was rolling down her face. She ran. She kept running forward, not even wanting to look back.
    Elizabeth regretted. She was always warned never to go walking through the park in the evening. She wished she had listened.

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