Sunday, 31 January 2016

Creative Writing Task 1 and 2 by Ria

Creative Writing 1  (Ria):

One of my earliest memories has a lot to do with my grandfather. His hair silver and rough. His wrinkly hand stroking my soft, black hair. as he took me on strolls at the nearby park. He’d smile at everything I said.
         I remember my mother bringing me to the swimming complex often. I had stepped in the pool slowly, feeling the cold water against my skin and watch as goosebumps formed. I’d breathe in the hot afternoon air and grin widely.
         I used to sit on the cold, hard floor of my living room and hear the television blasting with words I did not recognize. I still remember the rainy nights in my cluttered and messy bedroom and how my grandmother would sing me bedtime lullabies while sitting on the edge of the bed, sipping on hot chocolate.

         These are all I remember of my childhood days.

Creative Writing 2 (Ria):
The street was empty and dark. It was late. It’s walls filled with graffiti. Beer cans littered the gravel path which lay before Erin. “I’ll be okay. It’s just me here anyway” she told herself, feeling much braver.
         As she continued walking, Erin suddenly felt the presence of someone else. She heard footsteps. She froze not knowing who was around. Her heart palpitated and she started to sweat. She decided to continue walking and told herself that she was hallucinating.
         She heard the footsteps getting louder and quicker. Erin knew someone was near, she was sure of it. The lights from the street lights started to dim. Erin ran as fast as she could, dropping her bad while doing so. Minutes later she stopped realising she did not know where she was. She then climbed a small tree she saw in the distance. Her skin itched and the mosquitoes made her condition worse.
         Erin wished she had gone home earlier and had not spent so much time at the party.

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