Friday, 29 January 2016

Gavin Tay Creative Writing Task 1&2

Task 1-
          One of my earliest childhood memories......I remember my mother's almond shaped eyes,black flowing hair,soft and melodious voice.I can remember how she washes the dishes in a clockwise manner.She often wore pink clothes and loved to shop.She had rosy cheeks and black eyes.

          One of my earliest childhood memories......I remember the playground that was recently built.I could smell freshly coated paint and the playground was a blur of colours.I remember swinging from the swings and climbing monkey bars.I remember seeing my neighbourhood friends and we would play dodgeball and catching.I remember playing soccer and blind mice.I remember the smooth texture from the slide.

          One of my earliest childhood memories...I remember the smell of scrambled eggs coming from the kitchen.I remember the kuvino's fruit juice machine and air fryer.I remember eating sausages,scrambled eggs and hash brown.I remember the crispy hash brown's delicious taste.I remember my family sitting together,laughing at lame jokes while eating breakfast.I remember my brother's sly smile when he tried to steal my hash brown.

          These are my earliest childhood memories.

Task 2-
          The street layed before her...Charmaine was walking home from her tuition centre when she decided to take a shortcut.The gustling wind brushed past her and she shivered."I'm not afraid of the dark."Charmaine told herself.

          Charmaine thought she had seen a pair of small beady eyes looking at her from behind her shoulder.She turned to face them,but they disappeared.Her blood turned cold and she quickened her pace.Then,she thought she had seen a shadow vanish in front of her.She froze,paralysed with terror.

          Her hands started to feel clammy and her teeth chattered

          The eyes seemed to multiply and the shadows seemed bigger.When the cloud covered up the moon,Charmaine felt like she was enveloped in a blanket of darkness.Charmaine quickly dashed to a shopping centre.On her way there,she stumbled and fell.

          Charmaine wished she had heeded her mother's advise and not take any shortcut.

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