Friday, 29 January 2016

Creative Writing Tasks 1 and 2 by Kinjal Agarwal (02)

Creative writing task 1

One of my earliest memories was of my father. He was half bold. He had some hair at the back of his head but was bald in front. 50% of his hair was white too. He also had a big round face which reminded me of my grandfather. He had a fat stomach. He always wore formal clothes such as pants and shirts. His voice was also very low. He also always used to take me out for dinner every weekend.
   One of my earliest memories of where I used to play was the ‘West Coast Park’ as I lived right across it. After school, I would go there with my friends and my helper. There was a pyramid there, made up of ropes, where I always used to climb. I was very fun as we would compete who gets to the top the fastest. There were also flying foxes, where we used to push each other to and fro. It was just too fun.
One of my earliest memories of where I used to live was a condominium. It was a three bedroom house. The place I loved the most was my room, which I used to share with my two elder sisters. We all shared that small room and fitted our clothes in that small wardrobe. We all slept together also. It was a pleasant experience when I smelled the cookies kept there.  
These were my earliest memories.

Creative writing task 2

The dark, deserted alley lay before her. Jessica was coming back from her swimming lesson. She was too tired to take the long but safe way. Instead, she walked through the short cut. It was desolated as nobody was seen walking there. It was pitch black. No lamp posts were seen either. She could hear nothing but the rustling of the wind. She was brave and confident and told herself that she would not be scared.
Over her shoulder, Jessica thought she heard a short and faint flattering sound. She immediately turned back, but it had vanished. Jessica shook as a shiver ran down her spine. She broke down in cold sweat
The sound got louder and more frightening. It felt as though it was coming closer. Jessica blinked her eyes continuously. Then, she flipped herself again, and as soon as she turned, the sound stopped again. Jessica stood froze to the ground. After a few seconds, she started to run around the ally. Jessica looked around for a place to hide. Then, she sneaked behind the tree. Perspiration beaded her forehead as she gave out a short vail.
“Oh, I should have listened to my mother come te long way instead!” Jessica cried.

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