Friday, 29 January 2016

Creative Writing Task 1 and 2 by Oh Jun Rong (21)

Creative task 1:
      One of my earliest memories is my mother. She had long flowing hair that would always be carried by the wind, she had always liked to wear a blue T-Shirt with a picture of a cat on it, and she also liked to wear dark blue jeans

      I used to play at the playground near my house. I can remember trying to reach the monkey bars, but I could never reach it. I also remember the races that I had with my friend trying to climb the blue slide from the ground to the upper platform of the playground. I can also remember the strong curry scent which seemed to come from the second level of the flat nearby.

      I can remember I used to live on the fourth level of a flat. I can remember the small little sofa which had a spiral design on it and the various holes it had. I can also remember the big box which was the television I would be able to hear the reverberating of bells from the primary school nearby at every half an hour that has passed.

     These are the moments that has been etched deeply into my mind.

Creative task 2:
      The park lay before him. Bushes were scattered sporadically in the park, with trees as tall as street lamps dotted around the park in a symmetrical fashion. "This is not as bad as what other people has told me," he told himself.

      As he walked through the park, he heard a distinct rustling of leaves from a bush behind him. This sound was not like something he has heard before and the strangest thing was that there was no wind blowing through the park. He turned to see what it was; only silence can be heard. As he looked around his surroundings, cold sweat started to trickle down his face, and a cold chill went down his spine. He then quickened his pace, and he told himself that he should walk faster.

     Suddenly, he heard the sound again; he quickly turned around to see what it was, which he soon regretted. He saw a shadow of an enormous beast holding something. Fear started to engulf him and thoughts of what this beast could be drifted through his mind like dandelion clocks. He did not know what to do; he could not think straight. Soon, the shadow started to move a bit; he then took to his heels instinctively, and he ran for the hills. He then began to look a for a hiding spot while he was running. He saw a bush, and he jumped right into it, and he curled himself and hid there.

     As he sat there he wished that he would have listened to his mother: do not walk through the park after dark.

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