Friday, 29 January 2016

Valerie Tan (6) English diagnostic test essay

Creative writing task 1

My Earliest Memories
      One of my earliest memories is my mother and I in our living room listening to nursery songs from the CD player. My mother laid a mattress on the floor and we were jumping up and down to the beat of the song. I remember my mother with her short hair pulled back with a headband and wearing a pink t-shirt. Her face was brimming with happiness every time she took time from her busy schedule to play with me.
      The place I used to play was my living room. There was nothing special about my living room. The only thing that was special was the fond memories there. It was where I had ‘playdates’ with my neighbours and where my mother and I played. Sometimes the ordinary sofa would become a great ship in my imagination, and I would sail the seven seas, going on great adventures.
     The place where I lived was a small apartment in ShangHai. I remember a narrow corridor that lead from the front door to the living room. Being so small, the smell of food always filled the whole apartment whenever my mother whipped up a delicious meal. There was a playground downstairs, and the sounds of children’s laughter echoed through the house

    Those were my fondest memories

Creative writing task 2
    The gloomy street lay before Joy. The street lamp flickered in the in the darkness. The street was in complete darkness except for the flickering street lamps and the reflection of the moonlight glittering in the puddles along the street. The wind howled and muffled the sound of her footsteps against the hard cement pavement. The violent wind shook the trees, scattering its leaves all around. Joy stuffed her hands deep into her pocket, shuddering at the eerieness of the lonely street, and repeatedly telling herself that there was nothing to be afraid of.
    The dim light shone through one of the windows of the old buildings that stretched across the street. All the houses seemed abandoned and deserted except for the rickety old house. The light emitting from that window cast a patch of light against the wall of a dark alleyway. Joy quickened his pace as thoughts of what lurked in the dark alleyway. Just as Joy had managed to convince herself that there was nothing there, a loud creak and groan came from the alley. Joy froze in fear as her heart palpitated rapidly. She turned her head to face the alley when she saw a large shadow cast upon the wall.
    The shadow was big and scary. The shadow seemed like a monster, ready to eat Joy up. Joy was rooted to the ground as her imagination ran wild, thoughts of how the ‘hideous monster’ would look. With sharp ears upon its head and a long tail that looked like a whip. Fear seemed to be twining around her nervous system. She wanted to run, but her legs seemed like it was glued to the floor. The shadow suddenly moved, letting out a loud bang as the creature crashed into a pile of boxes. Joy jumped up in utter shock and started to run, not knowing where.
    The once brave girl was now reduced to a withering coward, running away from a shadow.

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