Friday, 29 January 2016

Ryan Li 19 S103 Creative writing task.


  One of my earliest memories was about my father. He was slightly skinnier then but still held the same solid built body as today. His face was round, a smile plastered on his lips. His hair was combed to his left side, covering his bald spot. He wore a black shirt that was slighly tight, showing most of his muscles. He rubbed my head affectionately as he walked out the to go for a run.“Be good " he said in his deep voice.
  Early on in life, play was constantly on my mind. One of my favourite places to play was the playground outside my kindergarten. At the far corner of the playground, there were balancing beams. Many times I have tripped over those beams while running away from the catcher when we were playing tag. Many times more I had fallen off them myself and injured myself. At the other end of the playground, there was a seesaw. At times when I was lonely,  I would sit on one side and think. Back then, my greatest companion was my own mind.
  In my house, a long corridor connected my bedroom, bathroom, the study room and the master bedroom. As my feet moved on the cold marble floor, fingers rubbing against the walls on either side of me, I recalled my earlier memories of running through this hallway because I did not want to ingest my medicine, thus, my parents had to chase me to make me take my medicine. The hallway always smelt like soap and water and sometimes perfume.“Tick-Tock" the clock went as it counted down the time.
  How long will I remember these beautiful moments? How long before I forget everything? Only time will tell......


  The empty sidewalk lay before him, stretching a long way before disappearing from view. The smell of water vapour clung heavily to the misty air before Nathan. Oh, how he wished he did not have his tuition at such a late hour when even ghosts took their sleep. The moon was full that night, casting an eerie glow on everything.“Don't worry, " Nathan said to himself.“ You've walked through scarier places in your life."
  Suddenly, a small “Whoosh" went through the air behind Nathan. He turned to confront the creature that went by, but he saw only darkness behind him. Nathan's heart skipped a beat as he considered what the noise could mean.“Stop imagining things!" He told himself sternly. He then quickened his pace hoping that he would not get another scare.
  without any warning, a big shadow moved across Nathan's field of vision. Then another, another and another. All of a sudden, fast- moving large shadows were all around him. Then,  his leg acted before his mind could. Nathan ran flat out, he knew not where. Being fear- driven, Nathan did not look back as he sprinted until he was nearly out of energy. He came to rest under a lamp- post, hoping that the light it was giving out would keep those monsters at bay.
  Again, oh how Nathan wished he did not have his tuition at such a late hour, where these monsters roamed the streets.

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