Friday, 29 January 2016

Creative Writing Tasks 1 and 2 by Keith Tan (24)

Creative writing task 1
         One of my earliest memories is my kindergarten teacher, Mdm Nadya. She was quite chubby and mostly wore black clothes, her voice was strict yet gentle. She always brings us out for a short learning journey.
         I remember that I would always go to the playground near my house to play, there is a blue plastic mountain that was twice my height at that time, I would climb up and down a lot before pretending to drive a car with the plastic steering wheel attached to the playground
         The place I used to live in was a flat, I remember spending my carefree life at that time watching television, the kitchen was another place I would go to every other moment to check if there were fruits, however, during the night, the kitchen was dark and scary and I would make an extra effort to avoid it.
         These are my earliest memories of my childhood.
Creative writing task 2
         The street lay before Larry, it was late at night and the only light came from the dim street lights, he was working overtime and only managed to proceed home at this late at night. I walk on this street all the time, nothing could possibly hurt me, Larry thought in the dead silence of the night.
         Suddenly, Out of the corner of his eye, he thought he saw something scampering, rustling dry leaves as it ran, his palms grew sweaty as he scanned his surroundings, but found nothing. Larry quickened his pace, telling himself not to start imagining things.
         The scampering grew louder as Larry started to walk even faster, as he walked, the rustling of leaves grew. With sweat starting to form, he ran, he ran as fast as he possibly go and found a safe spot in a void deck of a nearby building, light enveloped him as he managed to reach the void deck safely, still trembling.
         Oh how he wished he did not decide to work overtime.

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