Friday, 29 January 2016

Creative Writing Task 1 and 2 by Eldon Ng

Eldon Ng (10)

                                              Creative Writing Task 1

                  One of my earliest memories was my dad.  He looked very happy, he was not wearing any shirt.  He had short hair and brown eyes.  He sounded so loving and caring.  My dad was patting me on my head, it felt so warm.  I then slowly dozed off.
                  The place I used to play was the playground below my house.  It looked very bright in colour.  I can hear birds chirping whenever I go to the playground.  Although I do not go there anymore, I will always remember the fun I had when I was playing there.
                   The place I used to live was a HDB flat.  Mt study table was red in colour, very big.  The table was very smooth.  I would often even fall asleep while doing my work on my study table.  I would always miss my study table.

                                              Creative Writing Task 1

                      The park lay before him. The sky was getting darker every minute.  Dead leaves started to fall in the strong and dustling wind.  He said to himself, " This will not scare me at all, this will only make me braver."
                      He saw a shadow following him.  His heart was beating faster and faster, his palms turning sweaty.  He turned back to confront the shadow, but there was nobody there!  He quickened his pace, sweat dripping down his face.  The shadow appeared again, bigger, closer and following it was another shadow.  It seemed a little smaller, but still very scary.  He could hear the dead leaves falling on the ground in the strong and dustling wind.  He started to sprint.  Suddenly, he tripped over his own untied shoe lace and fell to the ground, he panicked, he laid on the ground with his eyes shut tightly.  He laid still on the ground, while urine was flowing down from his pants.
                      And he wished he listened to his parents: not to go home through the shortcut in the park.

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