Friday, 29 January 2016

Diagnostic essay. Ryan Li 19 S103

Write about the time when you received your PSLE results and found out that you can get into SST
Everyday I sit down at my desk here at SST, I remember how lucky I was to have gotten into this school. As my first period Math teacher starts droning on about algebraic expressions, my mind drifts back to the day I received that message from my mother about my PSLE scores. That every same day, I found out I could finally fulfil my dream of going into SST. This is the story of the happiest day of my life so far….
Wearily, my eyelids peeled from my eyes, dumping me out of my well-earned, beautiful sleep and left me staring into semi-dark hotel room that was lit at one side because my roommate could not sleep without a light. Slowly my muddled mind cleared, as I sat up. I reached under my pillow to look at my small digital clock. ‘6.00a.m’ it had read. 6 hours to D-day. I flipped my legs over the bed as soundlessly as possible.  I stood up, grabbed my swimming trunks and went to the bathroom to put it on. When I came back to my room, my roommate, Alden was awake and watching TV. My competitive swimming club and I were at Kunming for high-altitude training. We were separated into rooms. We had to share that same room with another person from the club.  “Ready for another day of hard training?” I asked Alden. “Ready!” He replied. 
Soon, we both had changed into our swimming trunks and had put on our winter clothes. Then we went downstairs to join our club mates for a hearty breakfast. Once breakfast was devoured. I looked at by watch again. “8.30am”, it had read. Four and half hours more till I received my PSLE results. We were soon making our way to the swimming complex for a hellish training session. Our coach barked out instructions in Chinese as we swarm. Three hours, 6 km later, we tiredly got out of the pool and showered, all while complaining about aches in our body. I checked my watch again. “12pm.” It read. One more hour to D-day hour. Not long after, we made our way to our restaurant to have lunch. Big steaming delicious plates of food already awaited us as we tucked in like wolves. But I could not enjoy the food. My restless mind was counting down the last minutes to the message that held my hope and dreams. My stomach was too restless. It could not stop churning. My heart quickened as I considered what would happen if I had gotten low PSLE scores. “Would SST still accept me? Would I be at Fairfield forever? Will I fail and have to retake my PSLE?” My mind kept on churning out possibilities. 
“Vrmmm!” My phone vibrated in my pocket.With shaking hands, I took it out from my pocket and shakily typed in the passcode. More possibilities struck me as the phone unlocked. I flipped it over hastily, not wanting to see what score I  recieved and to prepare myself for the worst.Bracing myself, I flipped the phone over. Relief flodded through me as I looked at the score, what followed could only be described as true happiness. “240“ the text read. “Yes! I fulfilled my dream of going to SST!

“Ryan! Answer the question!“ My math teachers’ voice voice broke my flow of memories. I looked at the teacher, dumbstruck. The teacher shook her head and carried on teaching. “Now I just have to stay there.“ I thought to myself as I listened whole heartedly to the teacher. 

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