Sunday, 31 January 2016

Creative Writing Task 1 And 2 Tan Jing Yu 22

Creative Writing Task 1

          One of my earliest memories, are watching my grandaunt cook, she was a kind and caring lady, when I was younger, she took great care of me when my parents were away at work. She had a very gentle and kind voice, her smile was sweet, revealing her dentures underneath, she had dark brown eyes, much like her hair which shared the same color when she was younger, now her hair has turned white, which is tied into a straight ponytail.

            I recall that when i was younger, my grandaunt would bring me to the neighbourhood park to play, I was always very fond of the park, when we reached, we could smell the freshness of the air, there was also the distinctive aroma of fruits growing on the trees, the sound of the crickets never left until today, the park was not very well maintained, the playground was often rusted, the swing set broken apart, but the one thing that stood out, besides the incredibly rough ground, was a basketball hoop, the first time I saw it, I was puzzled, wondering what this tall pole with a big board at the top was.

           I used to live in a semi-detached flat with my grandparents, there was not much to do there as a child, my grandparents only own one old television set, which they always used to watch Chinese documentary channels, now that they are old, the volume would often be cranked to max, flooding the house with Chinese dialogue, another thing that flooded the house was the mouth-watering aroma of my grandaunt's cooking, which tastes as good as it smells.
           These are my earliest memories.

Creative Writing Task 2  

    The dimly lit street lay before him, the normally busy and noisy street, became eerily quiet, too quiet, only the sound of crickets could be heard,by him as he walked along the street. This was routine for him, as he walked down this street late at night everyday to return home. The wind occasionally blew by, rustling the trees around him, sending more leaves down from the trees, the street was covered with fallen leaves and twigs, which crackled with each step he took.
    "Another boring day at work" he never cared about the scary looking street, as he had walked along this street many times before, in the dark.
    As he continued down the street, the wind had stopped blowing, making it dead quiet along the street, at that moment, the crackling of the dead leaves and twigs under his feet was the only sound heard, then, he stopped to check the time, it was twelve midnight when he herd rustling coming from the trees, it sounded like the wind was blowing, but the air was still. He looked up and saw two evil, hungry looking eyes, before they disappeared behind the tree, he rubbed his eyes and told himself, that he is imagining things as he was so tired, he quickened his footsteps while having the image of the eyes in his mind.
    The faster he walked, it was as if every single step he took, made the noise faster, more frequent, the more he thought, the more eyes there were, appearing on the trees, he turned his head to look away, and there they were again, those eyes. He was sweating, he felt his breathing getting heavier, it was like someone had put a bag over his head, suffocating him, he decided to start running back, the more he ran, the more he felt like the eyes were chasing him.
    He wanted to scream for help, but he just could not, his lungs were about to implode. It was then that he finally reached home, how he wished, that he had taken a cab instead.

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