Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Level Test 1 essay corrections by Lucas(23)

It was a stormy night, rain pouring down from the deep, grey clouds. I could remember it clearly. The streets, the rain, all etched forlornly in my mind. With each step, I took the plastic soles of my shoes squeaked as if they were mice. Darkness filled the streets. It was like a billowing storm which engulfed the houses. The dim street lamps shone with all their might before dying off with their last breath.

The street became entirely black. The entire world was nothing, but just darkness for me. I was once a man, a man who was full of pride. After inheriting my father’s fortune, I opened my business. I thought I could get rich and bring fame and fortune to myself. However, within a few months, the company had closed. Due to my negligence and my incompetence of not taking good care of my business after I started drinking alcohol. The thought of getting a successful career had vanished into thin air. Moreover, I had spent every single cent on alcohol.  Company destroyed, and having spent every single cent has led to me to today. I sought to find a better life on the streets. Regret crept over me till this very day.

    As I wandered through the streets, I saw a garbage bin. Desperate, as my stomach was growling, I dug up the piles of trash in search of food. “I must survive! I have to!” I told myself, as tears trickled down my cheeks. These were the tears of agony, sadness and despair. It was all my fault! I had done all these! I could only blame myself! I should not have drunk! It was a grave mistake. I was the cause of my misery and self-torture. As more thoughts of sorrow rushed through my mind, my eyes shed a piteous tear as raindrops pitter-pattered furiously from the sky. It was raining even more heavily. My mind was filled with a stir up of emotions, rage, fear, depression and sadness.

    My tears of sorrow had been heard, by a woman. This kind soul, in a white coated raincoat and was carrying a torchlight. The woman then spotted me. She worriedly approached me. She saw me crying, bursting into tears. She asked me in an angelic voice if I would need her assistance and help. She also asked me if I would like to stay at her house for the meantime. I nodded my head repeatedly up and down. It was almost a second chance. God had given me a second chance and a new hope. It was almost as if he had sent an angel to help me find a new life of glory.

    That day, I settled in the woman's house. It was a small, cosy house, with warmth and heat coming out of the fireplace. It was the first time I felt warmth, care and concern after so long of wandering aimlessly. The carpet was red and furry. There was a kitten in the balcony which was incredibly adorable. The woman then led me into my new room, it was a single bed with pinkish tiles and a light yellow wall. Even though  it was not the best, it was still a luxury for me to sleep on a cosy bed. That night was the best night sleep for me.

    On the next day, golden streaks of sunshine shone upon my bed. Birds were chirping melodiously. I walked down the stairs and had breakfast with the woman. It was a brand new day and a whole new world for me. The woman recommended me a job as a humble postman along the street, delivering papers and letters. I was exuberant. I applied for the job and started work that very day.

    After I started my job. I saved every cent and dollar from scratch. I started an oil mining business a few years from then. My business boomed and I was earning big money instantly. This was how I became a millionaire.

    Till today. I am very grateful for the woman’s action and promised to help anyone in need whenever I can.

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