Monday, 21 March 2016

english AA sarah fareed kagda

Name: Sarah
Class: S1-03
Date and Time: 29/1/2016
Title: The Mysterious paradise (Final)

There was a person, with his crew floating around space. His name was Tim, and he was lost in space with his crew in their gleaming spaceship.

Tim held a discussion. “We have escaped earth's death. Now what?” Tim started, remembering the depleting and wasting. All they had ever done. “Well, I should believe we were not fated to survive. As such, we should maybe go on a suicide mission?” answered Perry, their second-hand man. The crew were all strong believers in fate, and fate had said no to survivors. “I should agree. Any suggestions on the mission to uptake?” Sam, the ship’s engineer, continued. “well Samantha, maybe a black hole will suffice? I hear there's a theory by Stephen Hawking that black holes may lead to another universe.” Arthur said in his booming voice. Not being able to think of anything else, Tim agreed. This way, they would either make amazing discoveries or die, rightfully so.

Sam checked everything. Everything was ready.They took off, zipping through the stars. They watched the stars and gazed at the planets. It was beautiful. It was as if it were fate.

Then, they were there. They knew it was the black hole, as an explosion of everything was sucked into it. It spiralled and turned, and they knew it was because of a tiny dot, the size of an eraser, that was, well, 4 million times the mass of the sun. "hey just like the description I read! They said black holes like this might lead to another universe." Perry exclaimed excitedly. They hurtled towards it, wanting to discover more. Deeper into the hole in space. It became blacker, pitch black then blacker still.

Then it was bright and white everywhere, a white so intense it almost seemed black, so blinding that they almost crumbled into nothing. It was so silent, and they could almost see it floating in the air. “This might be it!” Tim said awkwardly. Thank goodness he broke the silence. Goodness knows what might have happened.

Then there was a problematic piece of shipwreck heading towards them.

They had to move fast. Tim immediately climbed into his suit and started climbing out. The crew knew he would not come back. “Tim don’t! I…I….never got to tell you…” Sam whimpered. Tim had known long before. Sam had always liked him. That was why he was doing this for them. Because he loved Sam. “I know I will not come back. But I will always live on in your heart. Keep safe my friends. I know you’ll make it to the other side.” he jumped out and flew into space, saving his friends by destroying the incoming wreck with his blaster, floating away forever away into the void, away from the hole, away from them.

And then, they landed on soft grass. Happily, they realised this was a parallel universe where the people had saved themselves by saving Earth and its precious resources. This was the new beginning.

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