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Sci Fi Story Last Draft by Lucas Tan S1-03

Sci Fi Story Last Draft
Name: Lucas Tan

Class: S1--03

Date: 3/2/2016

Title: The Brainwasher

The Brainwasher
   The sinister being had a head of unkempt hair which was bleached a golden brown and had a crooked smirk plastered across his tanned, wrinkled face. He was a man of jealousy, who procrastinated about the tons and tons of awards his brethren received. Ironically, he had dedicated his life on scientific inventions but had never made any breakthrough. In fact, he loathed all the other scientists and decided to build a device that sends brainwaves that will abolish the memories of all the scientists in the world.Vengeance shall dawn upon this very day; therefore, he would become the last scientist on Earth. The man was Doctor Zulu, infamously known as Dr Z.

“Initializing…” , Dr Z activated the device, “Brainwasher” connected to the satellite dish and out came the list of World’s scientist names. In another contraption, he initialised his programme code and transmitted the radio signals to the satellite. The satellite acquired these “uplinks” and, “re-transmitted” them back to Earth. One by one, the scientist's memories were erased. As a result, all the scientists would forget who they were!

   On that particular day, Leo, a bespectacled and genteel boy, also a computer fanatic had just finished school. He walked towards Professor Xavier De Souza’s laboratory. Leo was an SST student, worked part-time as a lab assistant for Professor Xavier. Therefore, he knew every single creation and invention by hand. Once there, the news headlines flashed on television, stated in its bold, red letters, “Breaking News! All the scientists in the world are suffering from a severe case of Retrograde Amnesia.” Leo scanned the room thoroughly and spotted a note on the table. It was from Professor X to him, stating that he was lounging in his cozy capsule, nestled underground in a signal blocking chamber.

   Without further ado, Leo rushed to the capsule and with a mighty pull, he lifted up the lid and rattled the professor with all his might. “Wake up this instant Professor!” Professor X got up all lethargic with a long yawn. Not wasting a precious second, Leo explained the entire episode to Professor X. Upon realizing that he was the only scientist that was not affected by the “Brainwasher” as he was concurrently isolated in the room without any connection to the outside world, he darted out instantaneously into the programming room.

   Professor X typed feverishly on his computer and researched more on Retrograde Amnesia. He checked his entire list of scientist names and found that the only other scientist not affected was Dr Z. His suspicion grew as he checked Dr Z’s profile, in fact, he was right Dr Z had done all this. Being a top genius in Mathematics and Computer Science, he could easily decipher the programme codes of Dr Z and transmitted it back to the satellite to reverse the effect. In a flash, all the scientists’ lost memories were retrieved and returned back to them at last.

   As for Dr Zulu, Professor X had revealed Dr Z’s misdemeanor to the police, they swiftly tracked down his whereabouts and apprehended the malicious nuisance. Dr Z got his just deserts! Finally, peace was restored to the world again!

    Consequently, Professor X and Leo were awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for restoring peace to the human kind.

(546 words)

   In summary, Dr Z’s evil intentions to erase every scientist’s memories was foiled by Professor X, who stopped his plans and Dr Z got arrested.

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