Sunday, 28 February 2016

Aastha's AA1 corrections

Name: Aastha Singh (01)
Class: S1-03
Date: 3 Feb 2016
Title: Helping to save the future

John was a scientist. It was not surprising, though. He used to be the brainiest kid in class. He was the top scorer for science in his entire cohort in school. He had decided that he would be a scientist when he grows up since then. He thought it was all about discovering new things. How wrong he was to think like that. Words to be used in a scientist’s life would have been researching, proof, evidence, explanation, conclusion, logic, and the list goes on. Lately, John had started regretting about being a scientist. He had not been able to do anything his career expected him to do. It had been a year since he started on his career in 1976. He had worked on quite a few projects that year, but all had been unsuccessful. This time, he was quite determined to be successful.
      John decided he had to prove that he was capable of something. At his workplace in the laboratory where he worked, he sat in his chair, and started thinking on which topic to work on. He decided to work on the issue of the world and its state. The depletion of the ozone layer was a bothering matter. He knew that it was caused by the increased release of chlorofluorocarbons and other harmful gases. John knew he could not do anything about that. Another bothering matter was the excessive use of plastics since it had recently been created, and everyone was quite excited about them. Plastics were man-made, and they gave off harmful gases when burnt. There seemed like something he was able to do about this matter. “Yes, this is what I will work on!” John thought to himself. Now, he planned on what he was going to do about different ways he could help reduce the usage of plastics. He decided that he would firstly conduct a survey, to figure out why people used plastic bags, what they would do after using them, and what were the inconveniences they experienced.
          He found out that plastic bags were a convenient way of carrying objects. He thought if there was a way to replace plastics with cloth. But, now the problem was that it was too costly. It seemed like it would not work. He almost wanted to give up. He suddenly remembered his mother saying, “Nothing comes your way if you do not try again and again.”
He was now inspired to work harder to achieve his goal. He reviewed the matter with a calmer mind. Now, most people knew they should reduce their use of plastic and recycle their plastic bags, but the recycling bins were too far away for them to walk to. John seemed to get an idea after reviewing the matter. He thought if people could not go to bins, the bins could go nearer to them for their convenience. He suggested using rubber to make the recycling bins since it was eco-friendlier than plastic and he would be able to show his step towards recycling and the people would also do the same. This plan seemed like a good idea.
His idea moved many people, and they were inspired to recycle.Through this, he gained a reputation, and also encouraged people to recycle, saving the world’s existence.
(548 words)

to help save the world
his first plan failed
he decides not to give up
he worked on another plan, and it worked  :)

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