Monday, 1 February 2016

creative writing task by 1 and 2 Lee Dominic (18)

 One of the earliest person in my memories was my sister. I remembered that we were at the airport, and she wore a purple shirt. After all the walking, my legs grew tired. Just when I wanted to sit on the stroller, my sister went to sit. She had dark, and long hair, quite chubby, taller than me and I hated her. She always argued with me over minor issues, like who sat on the stroller with a high pitch voice.

     The place I used to play in was the void deck of my grandfather's house. I could remember that I was learning how to play badminton, and I could feel the rough handle of the racket. The pillars were so tall, and there was a chair there. The bulk disposal bin was filled with a brown sofa, a television set and an old rocking horse. I kept trying to serve the shuttlecock, but I failed repeatedly...

     I remember I used to live in a flat. Seemed quite large to me, but in reality, it was really small. In the middle of our bright living room, stood our brown sofa with fluffy white pillows. The calming sounds of the fish tank and y terrapins knocking on the glass. The aromatic smell of coffee coming out of the kitchen. My flat was amazing!

     These were my earliest memories, and I will never trade them for anything in my life

Creative writing 2

     The park lay before Ben. He slowly walked home, slowly cutting through the park on a dark December night. The chill of the brisk wind blew by causing the trees to sway roughly. There was no one with him. The dim street lamps illuminated the park. Ben felt lonely but felt brave because he was the first one of all his friends to walk into the park at night. Ben grinned with a megawatt smile thinking of how brave he was.
     As Ben strolled through the park, he thought he heard a rustle in the trees. He quickly turned. There was nothing there! His face turned white as a sheet. "W-whose there?" Ben shouted as he searched for what made that sound, but no no avail. Only leaves falling off the trees. Ben thought 'is it a ghost? No way, there is no such thing!' Ben laughed hysterically! The cold seemed to numb his fingers. 'what could that be?'
     The trees suddenly rustled even harder than ever. Then a giant shadow began to come closer to Ben. "No! I want to live, please do not hurt me!" But the giant round shadow did not make a sound and kept coming closer. The giant round shadow then hit Ben.  He gave a high pitch squeal only to realize that it was an acorn. Right after that, two cold and evil eyes appeared in the trees.
      Ben shouted"No!No! Do not come any closer!" The pair of eyes just looked at him. Ben froze in fear and fell to the ground, before taking to his heels heading for home.
      Ben wished he did not cut through the park.

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