Thursday, 25 February 2016

Creative Writing Task 3 by Brandon Kang.

When I was a child, I will remember when I got my first toy gun,  around the house, sending foam bullets everywhere and making a mess.  I usually passed one of my toy guns to my cousin, and we both ran around having double the fun and creating double the trouble. When my mother gave up picking up my mess and exclaimed, “Brandon! Get to your room now! Now!” Panic and stress ran through me. I clung on to my mother;s shirt, and cried, “ No, please mum! Please!” She just shrugged me off.
   Seeing that she was relentless, I dragged myself into the room. I was so sad. Tears dripped down my eyes as I heard a loud bang behind me. My mother had shut the door. I looked out the window; the Sun was glaring in my eyes. I didn’t want to go to bed but what could I do. “Oh well.” I told myself, then, I hugged my pillows and shut my eyelids, trying to go to sleep.
   I woke up a while later but to my surprise, it was pitch-black already. I wanted to go back to sleep but couldn’t. After that long nap, I found it hard. Then, there a creaking sound as the door opened. I was so scared that my whole body started shaking. I laid down, only looking at the ground and I saw a shadow. “It” put its hand on my head, gently rubbed my head and went off. It was a familiar sensation, and I felt very blissful.
   The next morning, I woke up feeling blissful and happy. Till this day, I still know not who or what came into my room that night.

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