Friday, 26 February 2016

English AA corrections by Ria D.N

     Some called those creatures robots, others, metal people. They looked like humans, they had feelings like humans but they were more powerful, much more powerful.

     The hundred of them wanted to rule the planet, rule over us. Only one word burned in our minds. War. So that’s what we did. All countries started a war against them. Within days, the war was over leaving billions dead. Who won? The metal hearts won.

     Earth had been destroyed. Trees were cut, corpses littered the barren ground and streets were empty. Yet they kept the remaining alive. Everyone wondered why, so did I. One day it struck me. Every king had slaves. They had us, their two million slaves.

     They retired into a glass chamber at night to charge themselves. They used flying capsules for transportation. This was the feat the human race was trying to achieve for years. Those robots did them in weeks. We toiled in their factories for them.

     One day, as I sat with my friends, Mia and Summer for lunch, a hand tapped my back. I turned around to see a boy with brown hair and the bluest of eyes. He waved and sat down with us. I would catch him stealing glances at me sometimes. His name was Alex. From that day, Alex would sit with us every day and entertain us with his silly jokes. One afternoon, Summer and Mia were not around and it was just the both of us.

     “I have something to tell you, Ash. I’m not one of you” he said to me.

     “What? What do you mean?”

     “I’m a metal person, all platinum.”

     By now, his hands were on mine. He thought what he said came as a shock to me but in my mind, a wild idea was starting to grow. I smiled.

     Late that night, I told Mia and Summer about my plan. I decided to put step one into action. The next day I chatted with Alex as usual.

     “How does the building look like from the inside?” I asked him.

     “You know what, I’ll show you the place.”

     The plan worked. Step one, successful. When he was sure no other robots were in the building, he brought me inside. The plain glass walls stifled me. There were rows of charging stations that look like uncomfortable couches. Over the next few days, I got some people to help me fill the glass chamber where the robots charged at night with hydrogen and oxygen, without the robots knowing.

     A week later, when the robots were charging, we put the plan into action. Mia waved to Alex from outside the chamber. He opened the door wondering why she wanted to talk to him at that hour. Mia stepped into the chamber as planned and slammed the metal door behind her. Alex stared at her in confusion. She clicked on the lighter she was holding. A loud ‘boom’ followed. We watched, frozen, as their platinum bodies catalysed the reaction. It was over in a blur.

     The robots were gone, so was Mia and Alex. I told myself this was a small price to pay. Earth had started recovering and so had we.

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