Sunday, 28 February 2016

Josiah Choo AA Corrections

Name: Josiah Choo
Date:3rd February 2016
Title: The Coming (Corrections)

    Everything was peaceful on earth, until that fateful day, the day of the "Coming". The skies blackened, there was no light for seven whole days. After the seventh day, massive objects parted the clouds as they slowly approached earth. Just as they were reaching near, they all stopped mid-air. Everyone was staring at those objects floating in the air. A resounding voice filled the whole earth."Beings of Planet 0-1-6978-71-9. We have been observing you "humans" since this planet was created. This planet slowly dies. Every minute of every hour, because of you people.Due to that, we have decided to exterminate every living life form from this planet and allow it to start anew." The voice had stopped. Silence filled the earth. Everyone was silent in fear. Just moments later, the objects in the sky slowly descended further.

    Thus, the destruction began. Many people tried to flee, but their efforts were to no avail. Lizard-like beings glided down from the skies. They came in the thousands, millions. Their methods of killing were harsh and cruel thus; they were named Draconians. They slaughtered families. Mothers, fathers, children alike. Everything that moved they butchered.

    I joined up with the air force to lend my aid. According to the reports on these aliens, their biggest ship, supposedly the mother ship, was sitting right at the top of the Eiffel tower. Our goal as air force pirates was to basically, blow it up. Though we knew this was no easy task, we all concentrated on getting back to our families.

    Once our attack started, we were organised and flew in squadrons of four, attacking the enemy with a constant bombardment of missiles. Unfortunately, our efforts were futile. The materials used in constructing the ships was powerful enough to not only withstand all our attacks, but not even get a single scratch. Knowing we could not win this way, we retreated away to think of a plan to win.

    Just then, I realised one of my fellow air force pilots, Sandro, being chased by a draconian attack vessel. Just as a shot was fired from the vessel, Sandro, being a veteran like me, darted to the left and dodged the projectile. That purple plasma like projectile flew straight towards the alien ship and blew a hole clean through it. This was the moment when the idea hit me. The only way to win is to fight fire with fire. I flew precariously close to the alien ship and managed to eject and land on one of the attack vessels.

    Luckily for me, the controls of the attack vessel were very much similar to that of the game I used to play called Red Plane. I scampered through the controls and found the start up button, pushing it with eagerness.

    As the plane took off, I felt my stomach turn inside out as I drew closer and closer to the mother ship. I aimed my flight path straight for the centre of the mother ship. I flew in and fired a shot at a glowing crystal. Small cracks spread rapidly across the clear blue power source. It exploded into billions of pieces.
   I finally completed my mission and returned home to my family, safely.

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