Friday, 26 February 2016

English AA corrections by josh teo

Josh Teo

He opened his eyes.
It had been ages since Tom saw light. Glancing around, he recalled being placed in a cryogenic pod. As the pod opened, he realised that everyone had evacuated except him. Walking towards the exit, he pressed the lever and staggered out. Warm air smacked him, and sunlight pierced his eyes. Regaining his composure, he ambled out.

In the distance, a neon green river beckoned. It was radioactive, with wavy steam emanating.Tom spotted a brownish object and prodded. Immediately, it sprang to life, snarling and pouncing. It was a giant cockroach! He dodged instinctively and jabbed the stick at its belly. Transparent blood oozed out of its body and it gave a few twitches before dying.

Exhausted, he continued walking through the dismal, deserted town.

Common sense warned him to stop, but curiosity beckoned him.As he walked towards a dilapidated building, he encountered a rotting body shambling towards him. Tom prepared to retaliate when a golden retriever dashed forward. After a frenzied tussle. It walked off towards a young man having decapitated the creature.

“ You sure needed some help,” said the professor.” My name is Brady. Those were zombies.The radiation from the blast destroyed their brain except for the cerebellum, causing their feral nature and their ability to heal , similar to rabies”. ”Meet Bailey the dog,” said the professor. He then invited Tom to his lab. Tom nodded his acceptance. Once at the entrance, the professor jabbed a series of codes that unlocked the door and the trio entered and headed to the lab. There, the professor grabbed a syringe and stabbed his arm.
“Why did you do that?”, Tom asked
Smiling, the professor explained how the serum protected him from radiation and helped him regain his youth and strength.

Pointing to a picture of the spaceship, the interstellar express, he said they were leaving to planet Tarth. It was similar to Earth but only five times bigger. Tom was desperate and begged to be included. The professor agreed only if he helped to fight a final battle.

The next day, they left for the Dome where the spaceship was held.

Walking up a flight of stairs, they reached a platform. Lo and behold! A huge sentry bot with red eyes, four legs and mini-guns stepped in front oe laser did not destroy the enemy. The robot retaliated, and the professor was injured multiple times. But he healed miraculously. Bailey executed the attack strategy brilliantly by running in zig zags, distracting the robot as Tom aimed for the head. A final exchange of beams and the plan succeeded. Smiling they high-fived each other but minutes later sensed something was amiss.Bailey lay slumped in a pool of blood barely breathing.

 A warning screen: auto lock is commencing.

 Tom tugged at the professor's sleeve. They had to leave before it was too late.


 The professor stood at the doors with tears streaming. Bailey had been a good companion but life had to go on.

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