Saturday, 27 February 2016

Jasper Yong 14 AA corrections

Name: Jasper Yong
class: S1-03
                                       ATTACK OF THE ROBOTS

  “Creak…” the titanium plating on Gohan's body armour creaked as he practiced sparring with Johnson, his rival in the Elite 4, a special department in the United World Force, the “Elites”. It was the year 2069, and the army was high tech. Gohan and the Elite 4 were sparring in the gravity room in an army base far out in Canada. The Elite 4 consisted of Gohan, Johnson, Leiko and Trim.
           ‘BEEP!” the alarm on Gohan's scouter beeped, signifying it as the time for them to stop for a break. Gohan walked over to the gel door as it recognized his heat signature and melted open. He led his team to the mission room, to check for missions with the Mother Bot, R-9000. However, when they got there, R-9000 was missing. Gohan assumed that they had no missions that day, and led his team out.
           However, a hacker far away grinned sadistically.
       Gohan and his team walked over to the canteen, as Gohan looked over to see that the cook bots were missing. His scouter suddenly beeped. “RED ALERT! VIRUS IN AI DETECTED”
        Robots started pouring in as he shouted,”GET OUT OF THE BUILDING AND SECURE POSITIONS!” Gohan and his team charged out of the facility as their feet pounded against the smooth metal floor.
         They ran out, along with three fully armed platoons of soldiers.Gohan got the platoons into positions as his team activated their plasma based weapons. The robots came out as R-9000 stood in the front, Glaring at the humans.
         The sounds of blasters filled the air as the humans battled the androids, the floor slick with blood. Gohan panted, thinking, “I need to do this… to save my country!”
         R-9000 attacked, slicing the air above Gohan and narrowly missed. Johnson moved aside as Gohan attacked R-9000 one on one. Although outmatched, Gohan managed to hold out for awhile before suddenly,  Gohan felt pain as he was impaled by R-9000’s plasma blade. It tossed Gohan aside, angrily. The humans were losing. While on the ground, Gohan's eyes suddenly snapped open.
           Gohan looked around in a daze as he saw his friends and allies dying to the androids and losing to R-9000.He thought, “no… he’s too strong!” The pain in his stomach was overwhelmed by adrenaline as he did the one thing the army told him not to do. He powered up his gloves and Superheated the air in between his hands and created a plasma ball within an Electro Magnetic field, melting off his scouter as he aimed towards an unsuspecting R-900 and screamed,” I WILL NOT LET YOU DESTROY MY WORLD!!!!” he shot the beam of plasma towards R-9000, completely disintegrating the Hyper Android and using up all the energy in his suit. Gohan collapsed alongside all the androids, the world saved.
          The Virus signature on the android's lead all the way back to an extremist from Korea who wanted to rule the world. The CIA captured him and brought him to a high-security prison.
While Gohan's passing days were blurry, his friends made a full recovery quickly. Johnson finally admitted that Gohan was better than him. Because they all knew, if not for Gohan's leadership and resilience, Canada might have been destroyed.

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