Saturday, 27 February 2016

English Alternative assessment corrections by Keith Tan (24)

It was the year 2093, Byrd was learning science from his teacher, Mr Fawke, ‘This is all child's play to me’ Byrd thought to himself as he swiftly completed his worksheet.
After school had ended, Byrd walked though the technology filled streets of Lothal. As he pulled open the front door, Ori, his family robot excitedly said, “Welcome back young master! I have been meaning to tell you, my circuits…”
Realising that Byrd was not listening, Ori stopped and left. Byrd laid down on the couch and slowly drifted to sleep. However, he awoke to the deafening sound of alarms blaring all around him. Ori had picked up a knife and swung it wildly while screeching, “Die mankind!”
Byrd swung his backpack over his shoulders and ran to a window; the window did not stand a chance against agile Byrd as he landed perfectly on the pavement outside his house.
The outside was no better as humans ran from the crazy robots. “Follow me!.” An unfamiliar voice said.
Turning around, Byrd saw a boy about his age who was carrying a crowbar and smelled heavily of grease. Sensing no other choice, he followed the boy as he turned into a corner of a building, revealing well-hidden stairs leading down.
“I am Byrd, what about you?” Byrd asked the boy.
“My name is Tyr” The boy replied as they both walked down the stairs.
They entered the bunker where a dozen other people stood in front of a rectangular table. “Mr Fawke? Why are you here?” Byrd exclaimed.
Mr Fawke smiled and gestured for him to take a seat, so Byrd did. “What is happening? Why is it happening? And where are my parents?” Byrd blurted out.
Mr Fawke smiled sadly, “Everyone who could have been saved are in this room, the robots are planning to destroy mankind. The number of transistors in an integrated circuit increased exponentially, increasing computing capabilities hundredfold. This was predicted by Moore’s law, which observed and predicted this, but we did not listen.”
Byrd, angry and determined, asked, “How do we stop this?”
“Destroy the smartest computer,” Tyr replied.
After planning,  they marched up to the Lothal tower where the computer sat at the far end of a room, without acknowledging them.
Byrd ran forward only to get punched by a robot, not there a second ago. The team charged as Tyr ran to his friend’s side. Fortunately, observant Byrd came up with a plan, “He delays when programming the robot to attack.”
Knowing where Byrd was going, Tyr helped Byrd up and charged to an undefended spot. The plan went smoothly as the computer stalled. Byrd tightened his grip and a sledgehammer flew, busting the computer in on itself. They had won!
Not long after, they had to rebuild Lothal, throwing all the robots away to prevent that incident from happening again.
“How do you think Lothal would be in the future?” Tyr asked resting Byrd.
“Better than before,” Byrd said smiling.

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