Saturday, 27 February 2016

Lee Dominic AA1 corrections.

  name: Lee Dominic
  Class: s1-03
  title: rise of the clone doctors (final)

     2141, two days after the world war three ended. It left behind abandoned houses, and many buildings were engulfed in flames. There were soldiers with amputated limbs and children who lost their parents because they died in the frontline, or because of the chaotic attacks of the intruders. Everywhere lay dead bodies, decomposed and unhygienic. The town that the people once knew was gone!
     However, amongst all the broken buildings, only one was still standing and functioning. That was the hospital, which was situated in the heart of the city. Endless people rushed in and out of the hospital with no end in sight
     At the start of the day, Doctor Jonathan was given a day briefing. It stated that it was two days after the war and that the number of patients he had to operate in a day had escalated by twenty times. Jonathan stood next to his desk, shell-shocked and frail.
     Jonathan's table stood dimly lighted lamp.  He sat on his soft, red chair and started to ponder and devise a plan.
     At the help desk, many people gathered to complain about the service, and some even shouted: “What do you mean by you have a lack of manpower? Lives are at stake!” The queue for the limb cloning operation stretched all the way to the other side of the barren town that was in ruins.
     Then suddenly, an idea ‘flashed’ in Jonathan's head. “Bingo! If I could clone limbs, that means I can clone doctors too! That means we shall no longer have a lack of manpower anymore!" He got so excited, without thinking of the consequences, he made a dash for the cloner.
     “Tissues, check! DNA, check! Cells, check! All genetic information copied. All cleared for cloning!” Jonathan worked as if he were a mad scientist. On his first attempt, his hard work paid off. He had created ten clones! They all spoke in unison, “Hello! Shall we begin with our work?” Jonathan admired his work without making a sound. Then, he commanded the clones to head to the operating theaters and start doing their job, and they obeyed! Jonathan grinned with a megawatt smile. Knowing that he would now be able to save more lives and time.
     At the end of the day, the clones hated the job. They each had their own mind and wanted to do something else; like taking over the world. Jonathan went into the room a little later only to find out that the clones were missing. He also noticed that the surgical knives were missing! Jonathan turned white as a sheet. He ran out of the hospital and found many dead bodies with blood dripping out of them. Each held a surgical knife, looked identical and were lifeless. Those were the clones!  
“Freeze!  We are the police! Doctor Jonathan, we have shot those identical looking people due to their hostile intentions, and you're suspected of organizing these crimes! You are under arrest! Surrender or we shall use force to arrest you!” Jonathan put his hands in the air. He did not know what would happen next, but he knew it would not be good.

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