Thursday, 25 February 2016

Creative Writing 3 by Aastha (01)

                                                   Creative Writing 3 by Aastha (01)
             When I was a child, I well remember the time when I did something not expected of me. I had been given some milk in a mug. Warm, tasteless milk in that mug. I did not like it at all, but my mother really wanted me to grow taller, as I was quite short. I ignored the milk and continued playing. I accidentally knocked the mug off the table. The mug shattered and the milk spilled. My mother fumed mad at me. She immediately sent me to my room. I fell to the floor and cried. She dragged me to my room and shut the door.
              I tried to do everything slowly. I drew the curtains slowly, as the sun was shining brightly in the room. I could hear birds chirping and my neighbours chatting loudly. At last, I got on my bed and slept a troubled sleep.
          Some time later, I woke up and found the room plunged in total darkness. It seemed like unknown objects lurching in the darkness. Just then, I realised a gentle, warm hand holding mine. My arms were above my blanket and the unknown figure was sitting close to me. The figure planted a kiss on my forehead and walked off.
            When I woke up, I wondered, "Who was that person who sat by me in the dark night?" I never found out who that was even until today.

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