Friday, 26 February 2016

English Alternative Assessment corrections by Gavin Tay (11)

             “The radioactive center in London has exploded.It was because of a mixture of several chemicals.The scientists are trying to assess the damage.No casualties have been reported.”The reporter stated.
            Tim was a nineteen-year-old boy.He had almond shaped blue eyes, short curly hair.Usually, Tim was adventurous but upon hearing the news, he screamed:“I’m going to die if I don’t stay away from the site, the further the better.”He felt paralyzed with terror, but quickly regained his composure and went to pack a bag which contained his bare necessities.
            He knew that it was a matter of time before everyone in that area turned into zombies.The mixture for zombies was highly contagious.In school, Tim learned that when an atom possesses excess energy, it causes them to be unstable.For it to be stable again, the atom rids itself of the energy by casting it off in the form of radiation.
            Tim went to research on the radioactive chemical.He found out that he should distance himself from the contaminated site and cover himself with something so the radioactivity would not affect him that much.
            Five minutes later, it was reported that the scientists turned into zombies and went to start his car.Unfortunately, it ran out of fuel.
            Suddenly, a horde of zombies appeared behind him.There was blood on their faces, and they looked hungry.A chill went down Tim’s spine, and he made a dash for his bicycle and started to cycle.His heart began racing at the speed of an F1 racing car.He didn’t stop until the zombies were completely out of sight.
           Tim’s apprehension started to disappear.He realized the night was closing in fast.Before sleeping, he decided to do more research on the radioactive chemical.
          He found out that the only way to cure the zombies was with juice that could identify cells infected by viruses and kill them, terminating the infection.
         The cure was apple juice.All Tim needed to do was splash apple juice on the zombies.
         Upon finding that piece of valuable information, Tim immediately bookmarked the page and went to sleep.The next day, Tim woke up, only to find himself surrounded by zombies.
         He rummaged through his backpack and thankfully had brought a bottle of apple juice.Tim swiftly opened the bottle and splashed it at the zombies.Just as Tim hoped, the zombies turned into humans after shuddering a few times.The scientists were at a loss for words.After overcoming their loss of speech, they thanked Tim for saving them.
         Tim went to the supermarket and bought apple juice.He went to notify the police about his discovery of the cure.
         The police tracked him and went to “arm” them with the juice.Then, they deployed forces to cure the zombies.Within a day, the police came back and told Tim,“Everything is over.”
         The country was grateful towards Tim for his discovery.The president of Europe gave a medal to Tim.It had “Thanks” imprinted on it.
        Tim was jubilant.His eyes brimmed with tears of joy, and he thanked the president for awarding him.He thought to himself,“Thank goodness I survived.”
        Tim thanked his lucky stars, and that incident would be etched in his mind, forever.

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