Monday, 1 February 2016

Creative Writing Task by You Geo Yi

  1. My mother Winding bright curls around her finger
  2. Cheeks so hard and red they were like apples
  3. Birdhouse on a pole, right in the center without any birds in it
  4. A long passage leading from the kitchen to the front door
  5. Mouldy air, smelling of soap, coffee and pickles

One of my earliest memories was my late grandfather waiting for me at the front door trying to play with me after school. He had a wrinkly face, the normal clothes that the elderly men would wear and a deep voice that I immediately recognised when he called out my name.
A place I used to play was the whole condominium. I can remember my friends screaming and shouting to tell us to run from the security guards. In the end we would always get scolded by the security guards for disruptive behaviour.

I lived in a condominium. There was a long, dark corridor leading to the living room from the other rooms where my brother and I used to play football. One time my brother kicked the ball too hard and there was a loud bang as the frame of the door fell.These are the memories that are from such an early date that i can only vaguely remember them.

  1. This was all fun and excitement, Mole told himself.
  2. he passed another hole and another pair of hard, little eyes flashed out for an instant.
  3. Telling himself cheerfully not to begin imagining things.
  4. Then suddenly, every little hole far and near seemed to possess a pair of little eyes
  5. He ran, he knew not where, and at last took refuge in the deep dark hollow of a beech tree
  6. And trembled. And wished he had listened to his friends who had warned him: never go walking in the wild wood after dark.

Tom was going back home from school when the park lay before him, tempting him to walk through the park. The park had a thick undergrowth. The trees withered so much that it seemed like it had not been watered for years and bent into arches. Though Tom was afraid of the trees, he told himself to be brave.

So, Tom walked bravely in the park. until, he vaguely saw a pair of eyes looking at him through the mist. He ran immediately, cutting through the thick undergrowth. As he ran, he became more and more afraid of the eyes.

But as he ran, the pair of eyes chased him down, so he ran even faster and his fear grew even more and more. But as he was running, he did not notice the fallen log and tripped and fell, so he gave up the idea of running and hid in the thick undergrowth. As he was hiding, he trembled in fear of the pair of eyes devouring him.

“I wish I didn’t have to walk through the park” Tim said to himself as he hid and trembled in the thick undergrowth.

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