Friday, 26 February 2016

English Alternative Assessment Corrections by Oh Jun Rong (21)

    John was exploring the old abandoned library, in the year 3065, until his energy scanner started to vibrate and flash. “What could be emitting this much energy?” John mumbled to himself. The scanner flashed faster and faster until it had reached the point where the screen remained lit. Suddenly, a man appeared. He was wearing a mask. John noticed that his right eye was blue, and it had a square for its pupil. “I have been watching you. I believe you should know the truth about the Order, for you have potential.” the masked man said in a deep voice. The masked man then told him to follow him.

      The masked man brought John to a bookshelf. He then pulled out a book, which turned out to be a secret lever that opened up the bookshelf. Beyond the bookshelf was a room. The masked man entered the room, and John followed him obediently. John looked around the room in amazement. The room had a lot of equipment and in the room, a gargantuan hexagonal gate stood at the end of the room. There were articles mainly about the election in 3055 where Mr Maximus Ort became the president instead of Johnathan Tru, due to his sudden disappearance. John then wondered what had happened to Johnathan Tru. He also remembered that the majority of the people was going to vote for Johnathan.

      The masked man then said that the hexagonal gate was a time gate. It followed the principles of the singlet time travel theory. When two pairs of protons collide in a very powerful particle collider, like the Large Hadron Collider, the explosion will create a new particle, the Higgs singlet, which allows things to travel forward and backwards through time. The gate itself was a particle collider, more powerful than the Large Hadron Collider, and it would also extract the protons from the air in the gate. Creating large amounts of the Higgs singlet. The gate would then create an electrical barrier which would protect all that was outside the gate. He then did what he had to, and soon the impossible happened.

      The masked man then grabbed a blood-stained knife from the table nearby. The masked man said to John that he should jump through the gate if he still wanted to know the truth. He then jumped through the portal and John followed suit.

      When John jumped through, he fell to the ground, for not being used to time travel. And when John looked up, he saw the masked man stabbing Maximus Ort in the heart with the knife. “This is what you will be doing to Johnathan Tru, with this same knife, but the result for you will be different, for you, it will be sure death,” the masked man said in a serious tone. He then stabbed John. “I shall get rid of anyone who has the potential of Maximus Ort, and I will take my rightful place in leading the Order for my name is Johnathan Tru.” John then fell to the ground and lost all consciences.

      John wanted to find out the truth about the election, but the masked man did not tell him anything, so John went to the library, and they then jumped back through time.

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