Friday, 26 February 2016

English Alternative Assessment Corrections By Tan Jing Yu (22)

Tim purchased a food pellet, which an entire meal shrunk into a pellet and stepped

out of the machine, taking in a breath of fresh air within The Walls, four big metal walls

with a glass dome for a ceiling, which protects the lab-grown humans living within, from

the outside heat, which had increased to a scorching 90 degrees Celsius, as in the year

2012 marked end of the world by the Mayan calendar, the sun became much closer to

earth, setting most of the trees on fire and killing most of the society, in response, the

major governments of the world built these four walls to save what is left of humanity, and

to start anew

   Tim walked over the artificially grown grass, to reach a small building, about to be

overtaken by some artificial vines, within this building was a little group of Explorers, a

group of people who venture out in special suits to study the outside world, as the

leader, Tim was greeted warmly and was told about a recent find, a special Deer that

could survive the heat in the wild.

   Upon hearing this news, Tim gathered up his best Explorers and headed towards The

Wall’s exit, Tim picked up his special suit and placed his helmet over his head, he took

a minute to get used to the smell, the helmet had a distinctive smell, almost like a plane,

but at this point breathing the air in the mask for Tim was as easy as breathing fresh air

within the walls, as Tim was an experienced Explorer, and had gone on many

expeditions before with his fellow Explorers, standing before him, “Air compression in

progress, please standby,” was the last sound they had heard from the intercom of the

door before they stepped out into the outside world. And walked towards the last known

location of The Deer.

   They finally reached the last known location of The Deer in an hour, they found it

near a few dead trees, Tim and his Explorers positioned themselves around The Deer,

hidden from sight, one of them walked out slowly with their hand out with food pellets,

the Deer was attracted to the pellets, Tim raised his right hand, signalling for the others

to attack.

After what seemed like an eternity, they had finally returned to The Walls with a

sedated deer, ready for examination. They brought it to the Explorer lab, and after hours

of tests and exams, they concluded that a special enzyme within the Deer’s blood

produced a thicker skin and colder sweat, these two features allowed it to survive in the

heat, through Natural Selection, which stated that through years of breeding and

generations of Deer, eventually a generation would emerge that could survive the heat.

At this moment the Deer started to wake up from the sedation, they immediately asked

for more sedative to let the Deer relax again, as soon as they injected it, they had

unknowingly killed The Deer.

Despite this setback, Tim remained optimistic, and used what was left of the

enzyme, and introduced small amounts into some experimental test tube embryos, and

all they could do was wait, and keep going on more expeditions to hopefully, find

another Deer.

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